Hi. I was sleeping for quite some time, and now i'm gazing over the landscape, during this apparent "war" between Sony and Microsoft. First off, I remember when the first big thing happened, the 360 vs the ps3, i'm assuming no one else does, because they almost seemed incredulous over the choices that Microsoft made regarding their new platform, whereas they were perfectly happy to overlook the huge nonsense about the rrod. I was one of the ones to buy a full backwards compatibility Ps3 (even played tomba!, and Irritating Stick!) and i know this seems almost blasphemy, but during play, my entire console dropped onto a hardwood floor, of course, not a single skip in the gameplay, not a scratch on the machine, and it hit directly on a corner. That's craftsmanship. Now, i'm not saying Sony doesn't do horrible things, nor that they're remarkable for doing what they were supposed to this year, but honestly, if i'm going to go anything anymore, It's PC. Sure, It's still Microsoft getting the money, but at least i'm getting what i'm paying for. essentially these two boxes are computers, and it's becoming more and more apparent that there is a blurring of the lines between "console" and "computer". I just hope people can see that their dollar does speak quite loudly. Stop blindly supporting things because they have a brand name on them. Remember, in less than 10 years this will all happen again. Also, don't be so surprised that the companies use these tactics in this capitalistic society we live in. Do like i do. Play ADOM. (ancient domains of mystery for you commonfolk) also, yes. i am biased to the point that i'd rather go with Sony regarding consoles. I am no better.