Okay, I've been assaulted with the upcoming consoles ad nauseum, and I've come to the realization that the ones who buy games for graphics are the ones that are killing games. There is no reason to spend billions of dollars on something that at most will last you a week to complete before you move onto the next. It just irritates me, and i'm sure a lot of people who do actually appreciate the more subtle points in games (such as gameplay) are as well. One of the reasons I am a firm believer that when the consoles fall, the Indies will be what keeps we gamers on the map. That is the grinding edge of fun and intrigue, where ideas are formed and released into the world, bits and pieces of yourself, and a few friends at most. Not a commercially scripted amalgamation of violence and dry storylines. I don't want the 80th iteration of halo! It's just milking the same cow over and over again, and for what? a boost in graphics? 4 new weapons? come on people, don't let them position themselves behind you so easily! Game crafting is an art, and what we are experiencing now is an influx of "modern art". where's the passion? I'm not saying tossing money at a game, or making good looking graphics is a crime, i'm just saying they're putting their eggs in a very thin basket. If they're so shallow as to scramble for anything that looks shinier than its predecessor, who's to say these people will be loyal when the next big thing comes out? Just, remember the folks that would have been gamers even if we still had to play the NES.  If you would.