**UPDATE 5** How's everyone doing? Well we got another big night planned for the BroTrip. I hope everyone enjoyed last nights Dark Souls stream. We thought it went really well. First there is one big change to tonights stream. We've decided to skip on the trivia and just have a horor game doubleheader. Straight to the point, some things didn't quite work as well as planned. Oh well, it's cool. We got a slew of great horror games lined up for tonight so I hope eveyone tunes in and enjoys. And we will be giving out the last three prizes in the raffle tonight to, including the hundred dollar gift card. So look out for that. Have a good night everyone!

**UPDATE 4** So yeah tonight's the night and we'll be kicking off the BroTrip here shortly. Sorry if we're running a little late, just lost time getting caught up in all the epic bro action we were having. But yeah check out the stream where we'll start off playing whatever, if your interested in joining just leave a message and we'll try and invite you. And make sure to not miss the Dark Souls drinking game we have lined up tonight at 10PM EST. It's gon be good. We'll also be doing a few draws for the raffle so if you want to see if you win first hand come check it out. But yeah hope you guys tune in and enjoy!

**UPDATE 3** So we are all systems go to kick this off this Saturday. Just some updates and changes I wanted to share. For the raffle we've set up some designated times when we'll announce it. Check out the raffle section of this blog for the details on that. We figured this would be easier for everyone. We're still looking for more people to sign up. Right now we're at five, hoping to get at least ten more. All you need to do is post in the raffle section of our group. That's it and you'll be automatically entered to win some cool prizes. Also expect a blog tomorrow highlighting what we're going to do for mojomonkey's charity event being held Saturday October 15th. So look out for that. Oh and the Spooky Stream on Sunday night has been bumped up an hour. Smackey and I have to watch the season finale of Breaking Bad.

And because I keep on forgetting this here is the link from where we'll do the streaming. Kind of important.


That's it for now, we're really hoping to see alot of you on the stream. The five of us are working hard to make sure you guys have a good time.

**UPDATE 2** Yesterday after I posted the link to the group mojomonkey contacted me and said there he had trouble accessing it and I just want to see if anyone else is having the same problem. Obviously it's important to us that this thing is up and running. I know Smackey was able to post there fine but I just want to make sure it's not just a glitch. So if everyone can check it out and get back to me that be great. Thank you and have a great weekend!

**UPDATE 1** The GI BroTrip group is now up. One change I've already made is all sign ups for the raffle will take place in the "Raffle Sign Up" thread. Again it's first come, first serve. The thread to sign up for the Get Together is also up. To get to the group just follow the link or check the Xbox 360 section of the Groups.

Link: www.gameinformer.com/membergroups/platform/xbox_360/gi_brotrip/f/16079.aspx

How's everyone doing? Well after weeks and weeks of picking through ideas, listening to suggestions, and hammering out the details, I'm very happy to bring everyone the schedule for the GI BroTrip. What we wanted to make sure with this was it was simple for everyone to be apart of, easy for us, the prizes appeal to a wide variety, and that it's something everyone will have fun with. So without further interruption here's the big list...

Saturday, October 8th, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

The Big GI Get Together

We will be opening the festivities off with  getting some users here involved with playing with us on Xbox Live. Come join us as we play Halo: Reach and some Black Ops. We decided on these two game because everyone and their dog owns them and they can accomadate a good number of people. This will also be streamed live from the confines of Smackey's living room. So say if you upset me you can watch me live get up from the couch swearing at the TV. Well maybe we won't do that, we are going to make an effort to keep language at a minimum. But hey look at it this way, three of us are mods so if we've ever banned you, deleted your comment, or you just hate us now's the perfect chance to get revenge. Everyone loves revenge right?

Saturday, October 8th, 10:00pm - Midnight

Dark Souls Drinking Game.

One of the hardest games ever + alcohol = not good. Simply put each of us will be playing Dark Souls and each time we die we'll take a shot or sip of our favorite drink until we decide we've had enough. So yeah you'll get to see us make fools of ourselves. And don't worry we're all legal and know better not to get too rowdy.

"This gon be good."

Sunday, October 9th, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

BroTrip Trivia.

Simply put the four or five of us will all do roughly four questions about themselves each and you have to guess over the stream chatbox what the answer maybe. Prizes will be given out to people who get it right. How we will do this is on the stream will be a giant posterboard and on there will be twenty or so post-it notes covering up the names of the prizes. Each of these post-it's will be numbered. If you get the awnswer correct you'll pick a number and get whatever is behind the post-it. These prizes will range from a couple collectors editions to coupons for a free ice cream cone.

Sunday, October 9th, 11:00pm - ???

Horror Game Streaming.

Ahh yes probably one of the classic games to stream live is a good horror game. We'll be playing classics such as Fatal Frame, Silent Hill 2, and myself will be playing Amnesia. It should be known I've never played it so yeah definitely something I'm looking forward to.

"I'm already sacred."

Monday, October 10th - Thusday, October 13th.

Trip to Orlando.

Now starting on Monday the four or five of us will actually be going to Universal Studios in Orlando for a few days so obviously no streaming will be taking place. We'll provide a big blog of all the goings on when we're all done with our trip so be on the lookout for that.

Saturday, October 15th

Joining in on mojomonkey's Extra Life Gaming Marathon.

To support mojo we'll be taking part in Extra Life. Now this is maybe the one thing we haven't quite gotten done with planning out but were thinking of doing something where the more viewers we get, the more we donate. Expect something like that.

"For a good cause. I hope everyone takes part in this someway."


The Big BroTrip Raffle Info. prizes, Prizes, PRIZES!

Now onto what everyone is probably waiting for. During the first two days of our streaming we will be holding a raffle. How this will work is we'll have thirty tickets and by request through my conversation box you may ask for one ticket each. So say your the seventh person to ask me for a ticket, you'll recieve ticket number seven. And then it'll be up to you to watch the stream and see if your number get's called. And I can't make this any more clear, you have to be watching the stream in case you win. While announcing the winner you'll have a short period of time to claim your prize, either through the stream chat box, through my conversation, and if you are not present we will simply move onto the next ticket we pull. We want you guys to take part, not just sign up and hope you win. Where's the fun in that?

When choosing these prizes we wanted to be worthwhile and something I believe everyone would like. So here are the prizes as follows.

Two $20 Gamestop Gift Cards
One copy of Batman: Arkham City (PS3 or 360, winner's choice)
One copy of Battlefield 3 (PS3 or 360, winner's choice)

and the Grand Prize is...

One $100 Gamestop Gift Card!

"Will you win?"

We were thinking of what big special edition we could give away and we decided to just make  it a big gift card then get which ever one you want. So if you've been eyeing the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 3, you can us this to get it. Like I said above we'll be doing this throughout the two days of streaming. You can expect the times we'll be giving these away during the beginning and end's of each event. The $100 gift card will be last.

And like I pointed out in Update #3 we'll now have designated times of when we announce the winners. Here are the times.

Saturday Oct. 8th @ 7:30pm EST

Saturday Oct. 8th @ 8:00pm EST

Saturday Oct. 8th @ 8:30pm EST

Sunday Oct. 9th @ 8:00pm EST

And the Grand Prize will be given at...

Sunday Oct. 9th @ 9:00 EST


Well I think that's everything. I'm going to be setting up a group soon after this sometime today to provide a thread where you can sign up for the Get Together, give info if there are any changes, basically just update you guys with what's going on during the next week leading up to the trip and during it.

We can't tell you guys enough how excited we are to do this and I hope you guys are excited to. I hope everyone has a good time and good luck!

Also if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

And a big thank you to Yeshua over at Omega Twilight Infinity for making the new logo. It looks great.