First of all a round of applause for my amazing MS Paint skills. But seriously on to business.

Coming this October an event two years in the making will take place. Some fellow members of this community that I've known for years will meet face to face for the first time. It's a trip that alot of time, planning, and yelling at one another has been put into and now is finally coming to fruition. But we just don't want this to be about us exchanging jokes for an entire week, we want to get as many members of the community here as we can in on this thing.

"This is for the community here."

I'm not sure how many of you have read Smackey's thread in Off-Topic yet but it provides a good outline of what this trip is all about. Since this is a big deal to us we might as well share the love and provide a ton content for you guys with games, streaming, and the biggest thing of all...


"Will you win?"

Games, gift cards, mystery boxes, you have a chance to become part of what I'm hoping to be the first in a long tradition we'll do every year. This isn't just some little thing we threw together in a day, like I've said we been brainstorming this for awhile and there will be something going on all the time. Like you can count on alot of streaming, such as one of the first nights we'll be doing a spooky game stream as we play such games like Fatal Frame, Silent Hill 2, Amnesia, and Rise of Nightmares. That last one was a joke.

But that's not all the streaming we'll be doing. I personally want to do a simple request night. For this you guys for the next month before the BroTrip starts just throw at me titles of games you want to see us play. From the 360 to the N64 just give us some names and we'll see what we can do . Want to watch us play some random game I never heard of for the Atari, we'll find a way to make it work. On second thought that one might be too difficult but you guys get the point.

"My pick."

We also have been working on the idea of a live raffle. Maybe something where as the people who got their name choosen for the Request Night get their name in and can potentially win a prize. Again like I've said above we want to do a ton of things for you guys. However what can't be stressed enough is the more people that get involved the better the time everyone has. So I'm going to ask real nice...


Don't make us beg now. And hey we don't care if you have two posts or a million, everyone is welcome.

You can expect alot of more news and info coming to you in blogs and the thread in Off-Topic here...

I'm hoping to see alot of you guys take part. It's like we want to give back to the community here because if it wasn't for this site, the people I'm now proud to have as friends would never of happened. There's been it's ups and downs but the community here will always have a place in our hearts.

The GI BroTrip will be taking place October 7th-16th...ish. Still hammering out how long this thing will last. Hope to see you there!