John Bain is a successful British video game commentator who caught my eye several months if not even a year ago. I can't remember anymore which was the first video, review, preview or video game footage that made me interested in his work, but he has grown to become my #1 source for video game news (even tops GameInformer and Kotaku).

He also goes by the names "TotalBiscuit" and "The Cynical Brit" and I usually refer to him using the first one. He runs two channels on YouTube, the main channel being TotalHalibut, where he uploads daily videos about video game reviews, previews, alpha and beta footages, recordings and interviews from various larger events (PAX, E3) and also his personal gameplay montages and Mailbox videos, where he answers his fans' mail.

On YouTube, where I follow him, John Bain is exceptionally popular with his "WTF Is..." series, where he reviews and previews various games, some which are more popular and others less known. Whenever I log into YouTube, TB is the first one whose channel I check for new uploads. Even if it's 30 minutes of answering fan-mail, his ingenious commentary and video game footage on the background make it an enjoyable experience. Instead of watching the TV or listening to some music, I prefer to turn on one of his newer videos and then have lunch or dinner.

Why I'm saying that TB takes video game journalism to a new level? Well think about it this way. Most of the people tend to watch videos, trailers and advertisements to consume information, not read articles. Not that I have anything against articles, but seeing and hearing the review at the same time is so much better than reading and maybe then seeing it, if an article has a video.

Bear in mind that even though TB is pretty much a pure PC gamer who sees PC as the "god" of the video game industry scene (my words, not his), he also shows consoles from a positive light and doesn't really make fun of the consoles. But he still focuses on PC titles and Steam. And this is exactly why TB is my main source of video game related news. I have been a pure PC gamer over a decade now and the last time I touched a console, it was over 10 years ago. 

Another reason why I love his work is that the uploads are full of content. The shortest "WTF Is.." previews are about 15 minutes long, Mailbox uploads usually last 20 minutes or so. But the Hyper versions of "WTF Is..." can last over an hour, usually because he can interview one of the developers or even play co-op with them. Like he did with Day Z.

I love him because he does his work out of passion and tries to bring new content to his fans every single day. He was the very first person to show the world how Painkiller HD looks like by making a little interview and recording with a cam the game on one of the developer's notebook. And now, just recently, a closed beta review was released by him and I just fell in love with that game. I've played the original game, but the HD version looked even better. New enemies, much better physics and graphics and even new weapons. Here's a brand new video about Gotham City Impostors going Free To Play:

Also some facts you should know about him:

  • He knows more than you do.
  • He looks 40, but is actually 28 years old.
  • He has recorded more sentences than you have written.
  • He has played more games than you may ever play.
  • He can bend time. (I can't imagine working so hard within 24 hours)
  • He has a family to attend to.
  • He is British.
  • He lives in the US.
  • He is a professional even before he has played the game.

And before I end this blog post, here's one video from PAX 2012 that I really loved. I would love to play this game some time in the future and he plays quite like a pro:


Drym Shyuan