Like I did with the first GaMe I wrote, I'm going to do the same here. Only this time, I am going to incorporate ALL of the games written in the "Favorite Games" list in King's profile page. Somehow. Wish me good luck (before starting to read it)!

The year is 2050. 10 years ago, the asteroid that appeared from the mysterious portal beyond which, as the scientists say, "Dead Space" lies, blasted into Earth and unleashed the terrors sealed within the asteroid. The world was devastated by the blast, but many survived the initial blast. Yet those were the unlucky ones, since the plague was released and people started to turn into vicious zombies. But there were some who resisted. A retired assassin called David King, a patriot of the wastelands appeared out of nowhere to rescue the poor and weak. Now, almost 10 years later, he has acquired several well-trained followers and is searching for the Promised Land - a death-free and peaceful place somewhere out there.

The night was silent and the party was asleep on top of an old hotel. David and his old friend Sam Fisher were both on guard near the edge of the roof, just talking.

Sam: "Why do you hate her?"
David: "I don't hate her. I'm not just the loving kind of person."
Sam: "But you do know how she looks at you nowadays. She thinks you're her saint."
David: "Her saint? Why should he think that?"
Sam: "Because you saved Chris Redfield from becoming a necromorph. And you even made a proper burial for him. You don't see that happening in this world that often."
David: "And you're trying to tell me what exactly?"
Sam: "How can you be so close-minded? Alice is in love with you!"
David: "Alice is in love with me..."

But then they heard a loud female scream for not too far from their location and then someone yelled "HELP!".

Alice: "Did I just hear someone yelling 'Help!'?"
David: "You heard right. Max, get your stuff. We are going to investigate. We meet down at the vehicles in 2 minutes."

The crew instantaneously got up, took their gear and started running downstairs. There were two fortified Humvees standing in front of the hotel. There was a heavy machine gun on top of the rear one. David and Sam were already waiting for them in the first vehicle. "Hey Payne, take the wheel. I want to do some killing..." Alice said to Max when they left the building. 

David and Max turned on the engines and Alice loaded up the machine gun. They started driving towards the area from where the screams were heard. Some time later, another scream was heard and that pointed towards the small suburban area.  The drove over a bridge and then stopped, seeing a horde of zombies and little zerglings all around a little house. The door seemed to be fortified with steel bars since the zombies couldn't get it. Alice wanted to start shooting rain of bullets at them but David stopped him. "No more playing heroes this time. Let's think this one through."

Right at the moment when they were almost ready with a plan, the house with all the zombies and zerglings around, was blasted into pieces. A large, furry creature jumped out of it, with a woman in between its teeth, screaming in pain.

Alice: "WTF is that?"
Max: "That's a conker. A giant bear and squirrel hybrid necromorph. Usually you don't see them that much, but I think the woman might have accidentally stepped into its lair below the house."
David: "Just shut up and shoot!"

And a huge battle took place with grenades and bullets flying in the midst of the zombie crowd. But the creatures responded and while the conker was peacefully eating it's meal on top of another house, all the zerglings came rushing towards the vehicles. There were too many of them and David ordered the crew to retreat. With King and Fisher leading the party, Alice was giving the zerglings some hard time. But the little spider zombies are great climbers and used the buildings and other tall objects to dodge the bullets. Driving through the suburban area proved to be a challenge, for there were so many dark alleys where the zombies tended to jump out from. But they were lucky and in 10 minutes time, they had escaped.

Max: "Whew, that was pretty close. I actually thought those little devils were going to catch us."
Sam: "But thanks to the great shooting skills of Alice, we are alive."
Alice: "And don't forget David, who led us out of this world of madness."
David: "We all did great. But we should keep going before any of them decides to come looking for us."
Crew: "Agreed"

And the party drove away, towards the edge of the city. They stopped at a guard post, a little two-storey building. After checking out the building to be sure it's safe, Max took the liberty of going to the roof and staying on guard and Alice did the same. Sam and David stayed inside and found some place to get a comfortable sleep.

After a few hours, Alice asked Max if she can go down to take a piss and Max was fine with that. When she left the toilet, she heard someone talking a nearby room. Silently, she leaned on the door and it reveal a small room with candles burning there. She was surprised to see David praying on the floor. Once the praying had ended, David put out the candles and turned around, only to find Alice on the other side.

Alice: "I didn't know you were religious."
David: "I'm not."
Alice: "But why were you praying for the God."
David: "Because I need someone to look out for. Someone to pray for forgiveness. Someone to look out for when there's too much death and sadness. Right now I was praying for redemption for the woman we couldn't save tonight. For another red dead has become one with eternal darkness."
Alice: "Red dead? Eternal Darkness? What are you talking about?"
David: "When the terror was first released, many of who I knew were quickly killed by the plague. The became zombies, but even then they were given the opportunity of getting a burial ceremony after dying once more. But when these creatures like zerglings and conkers appeared, people weren't turned anymore. They were ripped to pieces. And this is why we call them the "red dead". For they die in blood of their own and they will never see the light after death. For their death is dark and harsh."
Alice: "Oh David!" and he walked closer and hugged him. David was rather devastated and went a spark of happiness from Alice and hugged back. But then, suddenly everything turned black for both of them.

They were standing on top of a cliff but couldn't talk to each other. They saw a city in the distance and suddenly they were flying towards it. Everything went black again and they heard someone say gibberish things to them. And right before the perfect silence, they saw a plumber with a red hat jumping into a tube.

Max: "Sam! Wake up! Alice is missing and I can't find her anywhere."
Sam, half-asleep, stood up and went out of the room with Max to find David and Alice.
Max: "Where might they be?"
Sam: "David told me, before we went to sleep, that he was going to take a piss. Maybe they are somewhere on the ground floor?"
Max: "Right, right. Alice told me the same thing before she left. Let's go down!"

And they went  down the stairs and towards the toilets. Unfortunately, there was no one there, but they noticed a closed door that, as Sam remembered, was open when they first arrived there. When they tried to open the door, they found that it was locked. Max took the opportunity to kick it open. The electricity was out and the room was pitch-black. They took out their weapons and turned on the flashlights. The whole room was covered with blood - the ceiling, the walls and the floor. But there was a clear spot in the center of the room and in that spot, Alice and David were lying on the floor, holding hands, but unresponsive to any communication with them.

Sam and Max took them to the second floor and put them into a larger bed. After a few hours of they both woke up, saying gibberish things. The two men was able separate some stuff from the gibberish that David and Alice spoke together, in sync: "Kingdom of Hearts, island of the dead, Psi-Ops, orange box, darkness". And then David and Alice fainted again.


This little idea of writing a GaMe with every game (that is included to the "Favorite Games" area in King595's profile) being featured in the story became quite a massive story. So I will be breaking this up into 2-3 parts. It will be long and it will be written during this week. I hope this was entertaining enough for keeping you excited for part 2. This part took me 2 hours to write.