Benjamin was a hard-working business man. Living in a concrete jungle, every morning he had to leave home early, maneuver through the city and get to his workplace. He was a man who sold the products of the company he worked at to other companies. His daily schedule was filled with various meetings, calls and events that when he finally got home, he was so tired that all he could do was sleeping.

His life was colorless during the workdays, because in between of all the meetings and other things he had to do, there wasn't much variety. The job was the same all the time and he just got fatigued doing it over and over again. At first, it was the chance to meet new people and work in a big company that motivated him. When he was used to the environment, it was the pay he got each month that motivated him to continue. But Benjamin grew tired of all this. His daily life was annoyingly repetitive and he had way too much money and no chance to spend it. Only on weekends, he was able to relax a bit and play some video games, but it wasn't enough for him. He needed a holiday. A holiday so grand that it would change his life. And then he saw the advertisement...

"You have a repetitive job and a boring life?"
"Yes I do!" Benjamin thought in his head.
"Do you want to experience something that you have never felt before?"
And again he agreed to what the advertisement said.
"If so, then come to Wishgranter street, stand in the middle of the road between two dead trees and shout out your most desired wish!"
Benjamin fell in love with the advertisement and wanted to try it. He actually believed that his wish would be granted. And so he told his boss that he will take his holiday for 1 week. And then he went home.

At midnight, Benjamin arrived at Wishgranter street. He found the two dead trees that were mentioned in the advertisement. He stepped out of his top notch exotic car and stepped in the middle of the two dead trees. He looked up into the cloudless sky, in the stars in the endless space and shouted: "I want to be live in a video game!". Nothing happened. He shouted again and still, no response. Maybe it was all a joke, but deep inside he believed that magic exists and one more time he shouted so hard he trembled. The stars shifted and a white beam came down next to him. A bright portal appeared and on the other end of the portal, a figure stood. With white flames in his eyes and a black shadow on his body, he spoke with a low and powerful voice.

"I am the Wishgranter. I have fulfilled your wish. All you have to do, is to step through the portal. But beware, for once you step through, there is no return."
Benjamin was amazed that something like this would actually happen to him. He wanted to ask what lied beyond, but the excitement and mystery of the portal drove him to walk into the white burning ring. And as he stepped through, everything changed. He saw the world leaving and he saw the stars and planets flying by. It seemed to him that he was in some sort of bubble. As he flew, he noticed a bright light. And then it grew bigger and bigger until it totally consumed him. And then everything went black.

He woke up in a temple of sorts. There was no one else around. He noticed that the architecture was definitely old and he was also wearing some clothes that he thought were worn by people in the 15th century. When he stood up and walked to the window, he noticed that we was in a place high in the mountains, for a gigantic medieval city stood far below him. And then Benjamin looked up. He was amazed by the sight. He saw vertical mountains and lakes and also a world right a top of him. He couldn't understand what was going and then he thought of Halo. "Is this the ringworld?" he thought by himself. "Did the wishgranter actually send me into a video game?"

While he was thinking there and still being amazed by the sight, he didn't notice that a cloaked man had entered the room. He greeted him.

"I see you have woken up. Good!"
Benjamin was a bit shocked. The cloaked person reminded him of someone he knew. But he couldn't remember who or from where.
"Hello..." was all that would come out his mouth. Benjamin was literally shaking.
"Don't be afraid. I am not here to hurt you. Let me introduce myself. My name is Ezio Auditore da Firenze. What is your name?"
"That is Ezio?" he thought. He was completely shocked. First the world in the sky and now a true assassin standing in front of him and greeting him as a friend.
"My name is Benjamin. Are you Ezio, the assassin?"
"So you know me." He laughed. "It's good that we are not complete strangers. But we have no time to spend on a little talk. The council is meeting you downstairs. Please come!"

"The council?" he thought and then he saw Ezio leaving. He couldn't believe that this was actually happening. He watched the sight of a world in the sky for one more time and then followed the assassin downstairs. He entered a large room which had a futuristic design. The council consisted of various characters and people he had played with or met in the video games. And there were some he had never seen before. He stood in front of them, stunned by what he saw. And the leader of the council stood up and spoke:

"Dear Benjamin! It is good that you have finally joined us. We have searched your kind for a long time and finally we have found you. But it seems that you have lost your memories. They should come back soon enough."
"What do you mean by 'my kind'?" he questioned.
"You bear the markings on your body. You are Dovahkiin, a living specimen of the Dragonborn kind - a race we thought were extinct. But recently, our elite team and their ship Normandy discovered the planet Nirn in the dark places of the universe. They found you in the legendary land of Skyrim, a place we have only heard rumors about. Commander Shepard found you on top of a gigantic mountain in a tomb and they brought you back here. You have been in a recovery cocoon for a month. It seems that this mission has finally paid off."
"I'm a Dragonborn? You are joking right? This is all one big joke right?"
"I am afraid that you are wrong. This is very much real. You are not in a dream nor this is an illusion."

Before the council was able to continue, a large door opened and a familiar man in an uniform stepped into the room.

"Council, they are almost here... Oh, I see our little friend here has waken up."
"Commander Shepard, it's good that you have come.  What is the problem again?"
"They are here. Harbinger and the other reapers have arrived to our system. They will be at the Ringworld in 3 hours."
"We might still have the chance to counter their attack. The Dragonborn, or as he calls himself, Benjamin has finally waken up. He has some hard time gaining access to his memories. Please take him to Normandy and prepare for defense. We think that seeing the threat with his own eyes would unlock his legendary powers faster."
"Will do! Benjamin, please come with me."

No way. Normandy, Reapers and Commander Shepard. "This can't be happening!" he thought. All of his favorite games were coming to life, right here and right now. Even though shocked, he followed the commander to a large platform outside. And then he saw it - Normandy stood right in front of him, in all of its glory. The sight was groundbreaking. And then he saw someone else. "Master Chief!" he yelled. And in the sight of another great figure, he fainted.

He woke up in the dormitory. Master Chief was already there and just said "Come!". He obeyed the order and followed. They arrived at the bridge and he saw Commander Shepard giving orders. He also noticed that there were a lot of other ships all around them. And then, he saw the reapers. Massive technical beings were flying straight at him. And then there was fire and death and beams. A battle had started and he saw Normandy getting hit. And then he saw suffering and torture and the end of the world. And then he found himself on the bridge again with reapers far in the distance closing in. And Benjamin felt a power growing in him. The rage, the might, the essence of pure awesomeness expanded and the ships became dragons and the space became snow and Benjamin found himself standing on top of a large mountain. With a sword in one hand and a shield in another, he gazed upon a massive being - The reaper Harbinger in front of him. As the reaper started open his cannon, Benjamin called the dragons and made a leap of a lifetime and right before crashing into the Harbinger, he shouted: