When I first heard the news, I was like: "This has to be a joke right? They would never turn a single-player game into a MMO"... A bit later I still wasn't sure what to think of it. But when I read that Gameinformer is going to make a monthly cover for the game, I knew that it has to be it. And this means - A DREAM COME TRUE!

I know very well that Bethesda is good at keeping secrets and even though rumors leaked, they were still able to keep it secret from the public. And they did a great job. And so I was thrilled, when I first saw the teaser trailer, for I am pretty much a fanboy of The Elder Scrolls franchise (starting from Morrowind). Well not really a fanboy, but I love the series more than any other video game franchise. And I love Bethesda.

But, after reading some facts, rumors and comments here and there, it made me wonder if making such a thing is really a good idea. They've been making it for several years, which is astonishing, but really - TES MMO?

I love the aspect of the franchise, that you can explore the world using a first-person perspective. Actually the game is built for the first-person perspective. And since lots and lots of people play the game on consoles, Bethesda have been doing some hard work to make it enjoyable also in the Third-Person perspective. 

When the first screen came out, most people assumed instantly, that they are turning first-person perspective completely off by speculating the image you can watch above this paragraph. Now, I don't think like they. In my opinion, Bethesda has still retained the main perspective, only balanced them both, so that playing with one or other would be equally difficult and/or entertaining. But as we know from hundreds of MMORPG-s available nowadays, MMO is about teamwork, taking on hordes of enemies together, aiding each other, buffing and so on. And here, being able to see more of what surrounds the player is essential. So, third-person perspective would be the best view here. But don't worry. I am playing Morrowind at the moment and I do some stuff in third-person perspective simply, because some stuff are more fun this way.

But this thing about the views you can use is something I don't really care about. For me, there are 4 major aspects: Quests, Creature Variety, World and Skill System.

First, I would like to speculate about the possible skill system in the game. Back in Morrowind, there were a ton of skills, like the highest amount I've seen in a video game... single-player video game. You could choose 5 major skills and 5 minor skills with a total of 10 skills that, when improved, would allow you to level up. There were some unique skills like Spear, Medium Armor and Axe. And you had your attributes that you could increase during each level-up.

In Oblivion, the attributes remained the same, but some skills were removed and to level-up, you had to improve 7 skills, instead of 10. But all skills had unlockable perks at levels 25, 50, 75 and 100. And when Skyrim finally came out, they had completely removed the attributes, there were even less skills, but the amount of perks was greatly increased. So where does it leave us with TES Online?

Since they started to make the game several years ago, before the release of Fallout 3, I doubt that the attributes will be removed. Though it is possible. But what I think is quite certain is the thought that several removed skills will be returning and more to come that we have never heard of before. I just hope it will be something really creative and unique.

Second thing I would like to discuss is the variety of creatures. Every game of the GOTY trilogy that has come out in the last decade have included some very interesting creatures. Some are simply overgrown animals, while others different forms of Daedra, undead and magical beings. Now what would have Bethesda this time to offer us?

I can speculate that the creatures from last three games will be returning to their original provinces, but since the game takes place a millenia before anything that happened in the last 3 games, I can't really be certain in anything I say. We saw the Storm Attronachs, which were in all of the last 3 games. They are a form of Daedra and so they are minions of Daedric Princes, which makes sense, that they should be in the game. So I guess we can expect also Scamps, Ogrim, Winged Twilight,  Daedroth and Dremora to be included in the game. But what about the beasts lurking in the wilderness of various provinces that we have visited and places we know only a little about, like Black Marsh. I would certainly want to meet the "sea beast", that hunts near the coast of Lilmoth, in Black Marsh, as described in the novel "The Infernal City". You can read my review here!

Thirdly, I would like to talk about the world where the game takes place. Now we know as a fact that in Tamriel there are 9 provinces: High Rock, Hammerfell, Skyrim, Morrowind, Cyrodiil, Black Marsh, Elsweyr, Valenwood and Summerset Isles. These together make the continent of Tamriel. But, it's just not the continent that the world is made of. Even though every game takes place on Tamriel, some quests and expansions take the character away to other places in Mundus, which is the world and Nirn, which is the planet. So my question would be: How much can we actually explore?

In the world of the upcoming game, the 2 main things I would like to see getting improved are the lore and the landmarks. I've seen MMO games, where people battle through endlessly respawning creatures and dull, repetitive landscapes and dungeons. Please, Bethesda, don't do it with TES Online. That's the last thing I would like to see. Variety and mystery is what's keeping the franchise alive, including hundreds of other things. Don't you agree?

Finally, the quests. Here are two options how they could have developed the quest system. One option, going back to Morrowind and using the "journal system". Would be better if the game is about journey, but since it's a MMO, a simple, solid quest system would do fine. But what quests can we do?

Of course there is the Main Quest, as always. There just has to be a main quest. Then there are the factions. I hope the Houses in Morrowind are back, for I truly hated them. (Makes sense right!?) And I am completely certain that Daedric quests are back, though I don't know if you can do the quests of Molag Bal (since he is the main enemy in the game as I understood it). But what else?

Well, this is where I leave you to discuss about the matters. What to you think about the upcoming MMO of an overly popular single-player franchise? What are your thoughts about various aspects of the game? Are you familiar with the lore of the franchise? Write your thoughts down in the comments!

PS! It's good to be back!

Edit: Did some proofreading after finding several grammar mistakes. They should be removed now.