This my answer to BHW's call to write a blog post about why I'm blogging here and what I think would my future in this community and as an overall writer. So let's begin!



My name is Rasmus, but most of you know me as Drym Shyuan. For most of my lifeline I've been a passionate gamer and during these years I've pretty much experienced every emotion one can feel when playing games. I know what it feels to win, to lose, to constantly die. I know what feels like to buy a game you've waited so long and I also know how it feels to lose the game forever and perhaps never find it again. But some time during the latter of Elementary School (we have 9 grades here, from age 7 to 16 usually), I found that writing is a hobby I really like.

I started out as a rookie writer, first in my native language, Estonian, and then I took up the challenge to write in English. If I would re-read my oldest writings, I would facepalm all the time since the grammar is so horrible. But it has changed completely, as you can probably see. First I wrote simple poems, some funny, some emotional. I've even written poetry to girls I feel are special. And then I started with a story, where my virtual identity was born. Titled as "Drym's Chronicles", it was a kind of book I never finished. You can read what's left of it HERE! It is the place where my most frequently used username was born - Drym. And later on I also invented a family name that looked like the first name - Shyuan. So here I am, now known as Drym Shyuan.


When my friend sent me the teaser trailer of Skyrim in December 2010, I started to really follow all the latest headlines. Then I found out that something known as GameInformer is going to make a grand coverage about the game and I got so excited that I joined this site. At first it was just reading and commenting, but soon enough, in the end of February, I started blogging. First writing some reviews and after talking about myself, I become rather famous pretty fast. The boy who learned English from video games. Yes, that's true! Some have even credited me for bringing up a feature we know as PageBreak.


I love writing, that's for sure. Sometimes, there's nothing to write about and then I just fade into the shadows. But on many occasions, I have my head full of ideas, just like now and then I write about. It's actually rather hard to fight the urge to write several blog posts in a row, but I manage.

I mainly write about older games and I usually also review them, but sometimes newer games come into my attention. I remember that I've also written about my hobbies, books I like and movies I love. Neither in the present nor in the future I don't see myself as a professional writer, all because I've already planned out who I want to be - a Database & Software Engineer. I'm on my second course in school out of the maximum of 4, where I learn how to create, edit and administer databases, write software, create websites and then combine it all together. During the past year, I've studied Front-End languages like HTML, PHP and CSS, but also Back-End languages like Java. In addition to this, I have a lot of experience with two different database languages - MySQL and PostGreSQL. And this is all during one full year.


I, like many others here, like to sometimes have side projects, which I love to do in addition to ordinary writing. My current primary side project is Wasteland Chronicles, a very long book that first started as a story version of Fallout 3 Let's Play. Then it evolved into something much bigger. Although it's currently on hold, it consists of several long chapters and all of them are illustrated. I'm writing and publishing it exclusively on GIO. You can read it HERE!


As a short notice I would also like to write a bit about what I have to offer you in the near future. First of all, I started with a new blog series - Fun With Flash. In this blog series I am going to write about various Flash games, write about how they feel like, what kind of games they are, bring out good and bad sides. I will also try to find their relatives for other platforms - consoles, handheld devices, smartphones etc. In every blog post I will include various links and gameplay videos, so they're going to be throughout blog posts.

Also in this or the next week I'm gonna reveal an artist which has basically won my heart. They make music for video games and movies, mainly for trailers and teasers. If you like epic video game soundtracks, like the ones you can hear in Mass Effect or Elder Scrolls, then you will probably like the artist's work I'm soon going to offer to you. Some of you have probably heard about them, but nevertheless, I'd like to keep it as a little mystery for now. I might even consider creating a related blog series out of this.

If I get time, I will write more chapters to the Wasteland Chronicles. But since it's evolved into a completely different story, making up new adventures is rather time consuming, then writing them down and in the meantime combining main character's actions with everything else. Also, I will soon buy "Lord Of Souls: An Elder Scrolls Novel" by Greg Keyes, which was released in the end of September, last month. It's the sequel to "The Infernal City" and will continue the story where it was left off. Once read through, I will review it and whole story in a blog post.


This is all then. I hope it's good enough (approx. 1000 words). Now, if you have any questions, feel free to ask whatever is on your mind. And sorry for a little bump up in the user blog section! You're not gonna hear from me a day or two.