Hi everybody! For me, this little event is quite like a little birthday. In other words, a milestone. And from this day, every time I reach a milestone, have a birthday or something really good happens to me, I wish to do a gift for myself and for you. And for my first achievement I have made a 25 minutes long video (HD), how I murder the town of Balmora in The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind. I don't usually go on a rampage of this scale in games, but since it's a special day, I had to accomplish something really... "special". So enjoy!

Update 1: Even before I have posted this blog post, I am already updating, weird. Anyway, this "writer" has been open for hours now while I'm waiting for YouTube to process my video (almost 900MB!!!). But you can view it on my YouTube channel! I will make the video embed once it is fully processed. On my channel, HD is also available, so don't forget to change the quality. Better quality and brighter colors this way!