Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (KOTOR) is an open-ended Third Person RPG, which was developed by Bioware and published by Lucasarts. The game was released in 2003 for Windows and XBOX.

In KOTOR you play as a former Sith Lord, who was captured during a battle by the Jedi Order. Three years prior to the capture you were searching clues with your apprentice Malak to find the Star Forge - An ultimate war factory and fortress, built by the Rakata during their Infinte Empire. The games with you waking up on Endar Spire, a spacecraft under attack by the Sith and Lord Malak, your former apprentice. But since the Jedi removed most of your memories, you remember nothing. You escape Endar Spire with Carth Onasi and crash on Taris. During the time on Taris you find Canderous Ordo, Mission Vao, Zaalbar and Bastila (Mandalorian, Twi-lek, Wookie and Jedi). And then you escape the planet on Ebon Hawk, fastest spacecraft in the galaxy to become a Jedi. And after that starts a long search for Star Maps, that would lead you to the Star Forge to either destroy it (Light Side) or take it over (Dark Side). And while there, you will also slay that son of a b*tch Malak. THE END

I've played this game through a many times, but I wanted to play it once more just to write this short review. Nothing huge from me this time. Now it took me 18 hours to play this game through on the dark side, completing about 95% of the side quests. I didn't want to complete them all cause just talking to your companions is boring...

Now the level up system consists of many things. You need XP to level up and you gain that from completing parts of quests, unlocking stuff and killing enemies. You also get XP from repairing broken droids and playing with computers (literally making enemies' life worse with computers). When you level up, depending of the level you've reached and you being a Jedi or not, you can increase several things:

  1. Attributes - there are a lot of attributes that increase different things:
    STRENGTH - increases your melee damage and chance to hit
    DEXTERITY - increases defense rating and damage done with ranged weapons/grenades
    CONSTITUTION - increases HP mostly
    INTELLIGENCE - increases the amount of skill points you can use during a level up
    WISDOM - gives force points and makes the force powers stronger (restricted to Jedi)
    CHARISMA - improves normal persuade
  2. Skills:
    COMPUTER USE - do more harm at computers for less computer spikes
    REPAIR - repair more robots for less parts
    DEMOLITIONS - used to disarm, destroy or set mines
    STEALTH - used to activate and use properly the stealth mode
    AWARENESS - used to detect mines
    PERSUADE - used to make other people do what you want
    SECURITY - used to pick locks, cannot pick locks without it
    TREAT INJURY - used to effectively use med kits
  3. Feats:
    Each feat has 3 levels and there are numerous different feats. Some increase your fighting capabilities, some give you extra attacks or stronger attacks, some are meant for wearing particular items, like heavy armor or implants, and others are there to increase your skills.
  4. Powers:
    Light Side - Light Side powers are usually meant to stun, fortify or heal. They will cost less if you have a high level of Light Side points.
    Dark Side - Dark Side powers are usually meant to kill, poison or leech. They will cost less if you have a high level of Dark Side points.
    Universal - These powers can be effectively used by both sides and neutral characters. They are meant to effectively use the Force. Like the ability to throw lightsabers or resist energy weapons.
  5. MAX LEVEL - 20
  6. There are also 3 character classes and male/female genders that you can choose when creating a character.

The worlds are stunning in KOTOR, even on lower graphics. You encounter various species on different worlds. And most of them speak their native languages, which were acted in really well, while others speak the BASIC aka. English. If you are familiar with the Star Wars universe, then one particular world can be played in KOTOR - Tatooine. You arrive on this desert planet really early (if you play the game in the easier way), but through side quests, you have to come back here on several occasions. My favorite's Manaan, which an ocean planet with no land at all. The only above surface place is the enormous Ahto City (pictured above). During the time you wander around in Ahto City, the story will also take you beneath the city the ocean.

The gameplay is pretty similar to modern day's Dragon Age, where dialogues are created through various choices and when not talking, it's either exploring, playing mini-games or fighting bad guys. Now the fighting system is what I really like, cause it gives to time to make your companions do exactly what you want. When in a battle, you can pause the game and just select your action queue, who to attack, what skill/power/item to use and this way win the battle. Even on Easy mode you will eventually encounter battles that are exceptionally hard to beat without the pause mode.
NB! You can also upgrade items in this game - Melee weapons, Ranged weapons, Armor and Lightsabers.

I would give this game 10/10. It's a game I could play over and over again, cause it's interesting to play the game through as different characters, to use one-handed or two-handed/dual weapons, to be a Scoundrel, Scout or Warrior, to become a Jedi Master or Sith Lord... To use different companions in different occasions, or to play Solo and try out Stealth Mode.... You can play the game in very many different ways. I'm still planning to restart the game and play it through solo, dark side, all-out tank.

If you haven't played this game yet, but you like RPG's that have really good stories which endings you can alter, then I would strongly suggest you play this old game. It's just that good! In conclusion, I would also like to add a little gameplay video here, from the last planet...