Hey GIO... monday morning and i had a great idea for a blog. Maybe not Great but fun... at least for me. It dawned on me while i was watching cartoons with my kids just how influential cartoons had been in my life. So here is a list that is probably not long enough of my favorite cartoons.

1 Alvin and The Chipmunks

man i loved this cartoon... it made a very small part of my Saturday morning, yet held a huge spot in my heart! It really hurts to see them actually used and abused as they are now in Hollywood. I love Jason Lee and all but the real Dave would never let them do those sh*tty movies... ChipWrecked!??? Really!!

2 Rocko's Modern Life

This epic little masterpiece had all the great things a good cartoon needs. silliness and a bit of maturity. Ren and Stimpy was incredibly mature and I probably shouldn't have been watching it, but Rocko and his gang definitely appealed to a younger audience while still sneaking in adult jokes that i wouldn't understand till i got older. I am proud to say i have the entire series on DVD and still watch it frequently. 

3 The simpsons

Cant mention cartoons without this number. It has been on my entire life and i still remember watching the very first episode. I can say with no hesitation that i have not and probably will not see every episode. I think the familiarity of it is to overwhelming. I quit watching it because its always on.. when its finally over we will all miss it and stock up our Netflix watch Lists.

4 The Venture Bros.

As an adult and i use that term loosely based on the fact that i am selling you all on my fav cartoons, The Venture Bros. is the sh*t! To me at this point of my life it is everything i need in a cartoon. The characters alone are ingenious and the plots are ridiculous enough to remind you that you shouldn't take things to serious. Even if you die.. there's always more clones in the basement.

5 Dexters Lab

I don't really know why i loved this cartoon, i just did. I never had a sister or parents like his. Maybe it was just the cool idea of being a mad scientist that appealed to me. Also check out Johnny Test... its like the new age version with a twist and Dookie.

6 Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

I definitely owe this one to the kids.. If i didn't have children this gem would have been lost to me. Another collection of random characters that are exciting and fun. Odds are that you will enjoy something about this cartoon. Its a shame it was cancelled. just goes to show you how little adults know.

Alright, that's enough for now. I know there is countless more cartoons that needed to be addressed but as it turns out i have had to much caffeine and either my left arm is cramping from being a sh*tty typist or i am having a heart attack. 

much love GIO... now go watch cartoons! I'm going to!