Welcome GIO to what i would like to address as my favorite geek out freak out moments. A simple collection of things, moments, pages, and scenes that just tickled me so. Please bare with me as a lot of these will be cinema based, but worry not... there will be some other gems rest assured.


This one is super easy. The whole F*cking Movie!!! I have come to realize a lot of people i know either have never seen this movie or are just not fans. This hurts my ever loving star wars heart. I feel like this movie was made for people just like me. Sh*t i'm wearing my star wars boxers right now. If your even a little interested in the wars and comedy you need to watch this film. Overall has a great characters and a better story. Always remember... all Rush all the time.

* The Big Bang Theory

This show as a whole is a nerd or geeks dream. The idea that being smart hasn't sounded this cool since your 2nd grade teacher tried to sell you on photosynthesis. Mix in a sh*t ton of toys, sci-fi cameos, exclusive posters and possibly the sexiest woman alive and Big Bang is a Big Hit.

* Irredeemable

Have you ever thought what it would be like if a real super hero just lost his Sh*t, or was flat out a bad guy. We all read Red Son... SuperMan landed in Russia instead of America. He was pretty much an assh*le in that book. Well Take the Plutonian from Irredeemable and watch him proceed to beat the crap out of "Supes" and then defecate on his lunch, of course after he throws Russia as a whole into space. Bat Sh*t Crazy!!! but AWESOME!!!!

*Bioshock Infinite (Rapture Returns)

As if this game (game of the year) was epic enough, the end made my skin crawl with goose bumps. The infinite loop of Rapture/Columbia or what ever parallel dimension your living right now is a guaranteed freak out. Playing Bioshock i couldn't wait to get the hell out of Rapture, to see a sunny sky and a new setting. None of that mattered the instant i was sent back. I realized where i came from and where i belonged.

*TMNT Forever 

I can say that even though this movie is like from 2009 it is still one of the best comic geek out movies. I grew up watching the old turtles cartoon. I can probably deliver the original movie from memory alone but this cartoon is the best. Old meets the new and everything in between. There is countless cameos of turtle long past and it even closes with the creators at the drawing board saying "i sure hope this idea sells".  That is Geek Gold.

*The Death of Cable

Yes i am aware he is back, which pisses me off. His death was such a great and honorable one and they went and Sh*t all over it. I have read this exact issue countless times... the first time i read it i back tracked just to be sure i was seeing it correctly. It was an exceptional piece of comic history and a huge freak out moment for me.

* Henry - The Last of Us

I now i keep bringing this game up a lot... Kind of hard not to.. I will say that Henry and Sam's role in this game really caught my interest. Other survivors, not crazies.. just people. The Freak out moment is when we the gamers realize that Sam was bitten... saw that coming. What i didn't see coming was Henry just giving up and blowing his F*cking brains out in an instant. FREAKED OUT! 

* Last Action Hero

I am damned near certain nobody remembers this movie and yes that is Stallone as the terminator. In the movie a kid tries to convince Arnold that they are living in a movie... to prove it he takes him to a video rental store where they see this standee. Arnold proceeds to say that this is one of Stallones greatest roles. That is hilarious... i would kill for this poster sadly i have never found one. 


Alright that is it for my morning post... just like yesterday i am going to be late for work... thanks GIO. I will catch you guys later... 

Heading to see The Wolverine tonight... wish me and Jackman Luck.