Ok... this is not how i wanted to spend my morning at least i thought. But as fate may have fellow Juanolo had a really great idea... a casting call where some of your favorite actors meet some of your favorite video game characters. So lets have a little fun picking our favs.

1. Lee Everett... Anthony Mackie

Juanolo's pick was no doubt a perfect visual match but my choice would be Mackie. He is a young actor that is super talented and rising quickly, Sh*t i want him in my movie. If you need reference just watch the Adjustment Bureau.


2. John Marston... Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Let me start by saying that i only recently started playing RDR thanks to the constant nagging by  and a mutual friend. It is def. worthy of mentioning. I will say that my pick is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He is a great rough rugged actor who always plays a bad*ss. I say give him a Colt and watch the bodies fall.


3. Kratos... Jason Momoa

I realize that this totally defeats my theory... yes i know Momoa was already Conan but seriously look at the d*mn picture.. i mean that's pretty f*cking close.


4. Joel... Chris Pine

Yes yes i have a hard on for Chris Pine because he is after all Kirk.. and i know he doesn't  look old enough but he could. He's capable of all kinds of roles... Joel is a little crazy, violent and incredibly desperate at times. If you haven't Seen Chris Pine in Carriers then you'll never understand my reasoning.

5. Drake... Nathan Fillion

I don't give a d*mn how old and heavy he's getting. Everyone knows it. Please stop doing Castle and Start tracking mystical sh*t through the jungle whilst people are shooting sniper rifles at you!


6. Wei Shen.. Will Yun Lee.

Well the old saying... if it ain't broke don't fix it... He's already the voice.. sh*t.. let it ride... he's a decent actor anyway.


7. Liquid ... Sam Elliot

k.. so i am by no means a metal gear fan..but, i always thought Sam Elliot had the whole Liquid thing going for him. I figured i would throw this in because MGS made Juanolos list. 

That just about does it for my Retort... Hope you guys likey! It just goes to show you that 2 people could enjoy the same sh*t yet completely disagree on the fine points. BTW Juanolo, Bioshock Infinite Def. ends better then The Last of Us.

Peace out GIO!!!