Let me start by saying that in case you didnt get the title it is to simply relay to you the reader that I, like many other americans am lazy as $%&#. Yes it has been 6 months since my last check in... I have however been busy compiling thoughts, experience and of course f&*king complaints.

1. The Last of us.

Okay... i am prepared to catch some flack for this... but not an exceptionally great game. The characters evolve pretty much the way you would expect and the every scenario is easily detectable. Let me see, Joels a bad*ss, Oh and i gotta go in that dark building...hmmm... i wonder WTF is in there... SURPRISE zombies... Im sorry... Fungus people. Think... Resident Evil meets uncharted... Naughty Dog.. Guys I love ya... But why is Ellie Lara Croft.. (Deer Scene). The ending was unsatisfactory and Smelled like an inevitable sequel.. and money. Capitalization at its finest.

2. Man of Steel.

Speaking of Capitalization, we got this huge piece of SH*t... What makes me sick is no one seems to admit it or realize how truly terrible this movie is. The plot itself was so off base i was ashamed that i paid money to see this. So Clark what is a wander... like Kung-Fu? Henry Cavill had basically no lines outside of screaming... alot. He saved Lois like four times, Sh*t even Morpheus was saving people. The very end with the black hole was a joke.. notice how Lois falls away from it.. but when "Supes" catches her.. he cant fly away from it...WTF!.. And why is Lois everywhere... Shes a reporter... But by the end of the movie shes in a flight suit on a Bomber plane. So disappointed in Zack Snyder... Bring back Brandon Routh and Kevin Spacey... You know.. Actors.

3. Flashpoint.

Well atleast DC didnt f*ck up all year. To date FlashPoint Paradox is the best animated movie I have ever seen. Great story and better brutality. Watch it, Period. If you dont perhaps your more a Man of Steel kind of person.

4. Sleeping Dogs.

This game is fairly cheap now and hours of fun. Sandbox yes its true, but there is so much to do. The story is awesome in its True Crime Fashion and well deserving of another installment; So disappointing that there wont be. Wei Shin is one the best Bad*sses in a long time. He is as it would seem quite the dirty cop as well. The game pushes your loyalty to the point were you relish being the bad guy... and actually liking the people you are supposed to be arresting. (Direct sequel.. "Rival Dogs".. calling it now.)

5. Clive.

This is a simple Downloadable game i acquired on my 3ds. It is fairly short yet incredibly fun. It has a real Contra vibe to it. Clive is one of my new heroes... little Dude is kinda awesome. And if you are a lady gamer... in the beginning you can choose his lady instead... you know.. save your DUDE.. literally. Also after beating the game you unlock Duck mode.. play as a duck.. its incredibly hard and annoying but totally worth it.


Crap.. i just realized i am gonna be late for work... as usual i am sure i pissed people off... sorry i wrote spoiler alert for the cry babies. I think i will try my best this six months to hang around. i quit drinking so now i have all kinds of free time...

til next time... stay classy GI