Do you know that new Dragon Ball Z has been released in Japan and now you can get this movie with english subbtitles? You can download the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Full Movie from and watch this amazing story from your childhood. Son Goku will get a lot of changes!!!


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Full Movie


The 14th DBZ movie and the first feature film since 1996's "Path to Power." Taking place shortly after the battle with Majin Buu, the Z fighters are pitted against Bills the God of destruction and the mysterious Wiss. It has the largest budget of any Dragonball animated film.
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods(Kami to Kami) is the upcoming DBZ movie to be released March 30th 2013. It is being created by Akira Toriyama along with the following directors and producers: Masahiro Hosoda as the director, Yūsuke Watanabe as the script writer, Tadayoshi Yamamuro as animation supervisor and Hiroshi Katō as the art director. Production companies include: Fox International Productions Japan, Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation, Bandai, Bandai Namco Games, and Bird Studio.

The story takes place several years after the titanic battle with Majin Buu, that determined the fate of the entire universe. Bils, the God of Destruction who maintains the balance of the universe, awakens from a long slumber! Hearing rumors that a Saiyan defeated Freeza, Bils tracks down Goku. Goku is so ecstatic that a tough enemy has appeared after such a long time, he ignores Kaiō’s advice and fights Bils, but cannot do a thing against his overwhelming power and is defeated. Bils leaves, but his eerie remark of “Is there nobody on Earth more worthy to destroy…?” lingers on… Can Goku and co. really stop the God of Destruction?!

The events of Battle of Gods take place some years after the battle with Majin Buu, which determined the fate of the entire universe. Wiss, the God of Creation, along with Bills, the God of Destruction, are tasked with maintaining some sort of balance in the universe. After awakening from a long slumber, Bills is visited by Wiss and he learns that the galactic overlord Frieza has been defeated by a Super Saiyan from the North Quadrant of the universe named Goku, who is also a former student of the North Kai. Ecstatic over the new challenge, Goku ignores King Kai's advice and battles Bills, but he is easily overwhelmed and defeated. Bills leaves, but his eerie remark of "Is there nobody on Earth more worthy to destroy?" lingers on. Now it is up to the heroes to stop the God of Destruction before all is lost.

Ever since the movie’s announcement in the beginning of July 2012, fans across the globe have been anxiously waiting for this day to come, and so have we! We have been throwing as many staff and cast interviews, comments from Akira Toriyama, and intriguing news updates your way as fast as we could get our hands on them. Even with all that, there is really on one prevailing question left: “What happens in the movie?!” Well now that our very own Julian (“SaiyaJedi”) has come back from seeing the film himself in Osaka, we are proud to finally provide fans everywhere with an answer to this question.