I was sitting in COM101 today and instead of studying english I was surfing the game informer website. As I was hitting up news posts I was thinking it'd be cool if there was a place on here for gamers to keep a log of their most anticipated games.  So while thinking about what the feature should include I decided to blog about it for anyone who cares.

I havn't really seen a feature like this on any other gaming site so I think it would boost originality when being compared to other websites. (Not that the G.I. site lacks originality, just that more can never hurt)

On our profile pages we could have a specific tab for the feature such as "about, activity, blog, reviews" ect. maybe it could simply just be called "games", anyway it would give the site users and gamers alike a chance to really organize our thoughts. Sometimes when multiple great titles are approaching we loose focus on some that are of less importance to us. Well through this feature we would be able to keep a list of these games which would include their release dates, a thumbnail image, a section for comments so people can drop by and share a common interest in an upcoming game or maybe just to find out when it comes out and add it to their list. I also think a trailer video for the games should be stored in this section, or maybe at least a link to a trailer from your list page. 

I think something like this would be really cool, what do you think? would you like to see this on Game Informer?