There are two types of games out these days. The Triple A games, and the Indie Games. Both provide incredible, heartwarming, delightful, and sometimes horrid, experiences. While Indie Games may provide better quality than some Triple A titles, they are generally short experiences, whereas their counterparts can provide hours upon hours of gameplay to indulge in. And while more content for my money is greatly appreciated, there is generally a problem to go along with this.

I recently got my hands on a copy of Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning. While it's not the best game I've ever played, it did consume me for ten hours straight. As I kept playing, I eventually reached thirty-seven hours into the game. I was proud of this, and happy with what I had played. Going through my questlog, I looked over the fifty-nine missions I had beat. As I was looking through them, it caught my attention I had only done three of the main story quests. thirty-seven hours in the game, and I had done three story quests.

I pondered on this fact for a few minutes, confused by how much time I had put into the game, but had progressed so little in the actual story. I then looked through my active quests, noticed two story quests active, and thirty plus side missions. I forced myself to complete a story mission, then found myself clearing out three more side missions, without thinking of continuing the story. After getting frustrated by my OCD in trying o accomplish everything, I took the game out and popped in Dragon Age:Origins.

I got thirteen hours into DA:O, completing most of the major areas, while ding the side missions and quests along the way. I was happy with what I had accomplished, since I was still progressing through the story evenly, while completing the side stuff. I looked at my copy of Amalur again, and put it down as I didn't want to pop it back in after feeling overwhelmed with everything in the game.

Completing Origins, I popped in Skyrim since completing the Dragonborn DLC not long after release. I decided to start a new character, since I had completed most of everything in my main Dragonborn. I went through the entire tutorial, escaped, and finally got on my way. As with Dragon Age, once I hit thirteen hours, I looked through everything I had done. I got through a good amount of quests, since I remember everything to do and was prepared for it before even accepting the quest, but it dawned on me that I still had an overwhelming amount of stuff to do still.

The same discouraging feeling came over me, causing me to eject my game. When there's an overwhelming amount of stuff to do in a game, there is always that voice in the back of my mind telling me to do it all, making it an obligation to play the game entirely. Looking over similar games like Fallout and Oblivion, all I could hear was that voice telling me to do everything in that game if I played it.

While I appreciate having a lot of content to keep me busy in my games, there is also a problem with this, especially if I enjoy the game a bit, making it an obligation to play it to the fullest. While I want to just pop in Skyrim and sink in another 400+ hours into a new character, I simply don't have the time or will to do that, since having all that content can be too overwhelming at times for the completionist in me.

So am I crazy in thinking this? Can some games be too much of an obligation to play? Can the content be too overwhelming? Is there such a thing as “too much gameplay”? Or should I shut up and stop complaining? It's not really something that can actually be answered or explained really. It's just another simple quirk of being a gamer.