With the new generation in our gaming hands, the older generation begins it's close. While there are still some upcoming titles, the 360 and PS3 are virtually done. but that doesn't mean some of us are done with them yet. I still have an extraordinary backlog to work through before delving into the newest set of consoles. And while I should be pecking at that backlog, instead, I'm replaying some of the classics.

(This blog will contain minor spoilers tot he game Dead Rising 1)

Back in the day, I was a little too young to be playing M rated games, except for a few specific games, such as all the Halo titles. Though, thanks to my Grandmother who didn't care what I played, I was granted the option to get whatever I wanted. The excited 14 year old me looked through every single M rated title in the store. After a half hour of searching, I settled on something that I knew little about, other than thinking the cover art was cool, and it had zombies. (Since I grew up to be a Romero brat)

Even to this day, I do admit, I was a little too young for this type of title. Thanks to my Grandparent, I grew up on horror. but there was a limit to what I could take. Set by myself, not them, since back then, I believed (And still do, to an extent) that those types of situations could happen.

Flying over the town of Willamette seemed cool to begin with. But as it progressed, the music got eerily fun and creepy, setting the mood as you see the chaos unseeing below. Watching a man get pulled off the roof of his car, and eaten to death y the horde surrounding him, a zombie tackle a woman off a building to their death, and a gas station exploding. I was sitting in my room playing this, curled up in my chair as the daylight started to fade, glued to my TV, horrified and enthralled by what was happening.

As I kept playing, I eventually found myself to the entrance of the mall. Around this time, to sun was just about down in real life, while the sun was bright and sunny int he game. Continuing through, looking at all the survivors, the horror began. The zombies break in, and all hell breaks loose. Grabbing the nearest weapon, I stopped in fear as I saw the horde coming at me and the few survivors in the back. I wasn't scared about the zombies. I was horrified a how easily the survivors were falling.

"Brian Reynolds is Dead"

"Dana Simms is Dead"

"Todd Mendell is Dead"

“Mark Quemada is Dead"

I stood in fear as name after name kept popping up in my screen, letting them know my fellow people were dying. I panned the camera over to the couple who were next to me. As I did they both fell just as the camera hit them, their names appearing in bright red on my screen. I ran for the stairs, passing another survivor as I did so. Thinking I could save her, by the time I actually reached her, the zombies has engulfed her, "Verlene Willis is Dead" spreading across my screen. I ran, barely making it to the stairs, with one bar of health left.

Several hours pass as I stumble through the game, terrified out of my 14 year old mind. By the time I get a call to go check out the roller coaster, I had rescued 4 people. I did not realize one of the survivors needed to be carried, resulting in her disembowelment. while one of the two guys I found in a barricade died at the hands of the escaped convicts.

I slowly made my way to the roller coaster, realizing I was getting into a game I was clearly not ready for. But It was also so bloody good and fun I didn't want to put it down. As I came across the coaster, one of the biggest childhood traumas happened, at 3 in the morning.

This freak jumps out of nowhere, laughing maniacally as he juggled his chainsaws. My eyes were glued to the TV, my body not moving in fear, the hair on my arms standing straight up. As the cutscene ended, I was forced to fight this guy. After 5 minutes of running in circles, he manages to get three good shots at me, resulting in my death. I immediately turned off my 360, curled in a ball on my bed with the covers over me, and tried to go to sleep, still hearing his maniacal laugh.

How I felt on my bed

As time went on, I eventually got the "balls" and the brains to level up. I would restart the game countless times, taking pictures of the survivors, the PP stickers, doing various activities, and chopping zombies until I dropped. I grinded that game until I was at level 50, and went for the adventure of my childhood. As time went on, I eventually cut down that laugh, still horrified at him as he was laughing while his chainsaws were chewing at his gut.

It took a long time before I could finally get the guts to play this game. I could play a few hours then turn it off, terrified of everything. It took me a full 2 years to finally beat the game, with the true ending. it was exhilarating and frustrating at the same time.

Now, in 2014, I am 20. I have a pure taste for the horror genre, and can now easily play this game in a single run without stopping. But as I play the game, I still feel the terror I had as a kid. I return to Adam, both me and my roommate freaking out over the killer clown. My roommate also being frustrated at me for having Frank run around in the Capcom wrestling briefs.

Dude looks fine to me

But despite loving this game, there was always one achievement in the game that had eluded me for all these years. The "Rescue 50 survivors" achievement. I had tried countless times over the years, the closest being rescuing 49 survivors about two years ago. It was the hardest thing to do since the A.I. for the survivors were horrid, and essentially broken. I, however loved that since it proved a nice challenge. Despite loving it it didn't change the fact it was too hard at times. But after strong determination...

I unlock my prized achievement. After years of playing, and two years of an absence, I still remembered when the survivors would appear, when, and how to ensure their safety. There are very few games out there that can make me relive my childhood like this, still remembering everything about it. It may not be the most complete game out there, but it is one that I can live with the faults of survivors I want to kill for being so stupid.

It's an interesting feeling, being grown up and hardly scared of stuff nowadays. But even after the years, I can still feel the 14 year old in me loving and hating the game that used to haunt me. It may not be one of the good age old classics that most people still find fun and terrifying, but for the child in me this is the title that hold that horror nostalgia for me.