As the years go on, games evolve just as we do.  The industry has grown past the years of the escapades of a plumber trying to save a princess from a giant turtle, a spaceship fighting off waves of enemies, to a small elf saving his kingdom. They have evolved to a more complex status, giving us an entire world to explore at our will, to do what we want, when we want, how we want to. But as the games change, the competitive spirit between gamers remain the same. While our competitiveness remains, even more eager than ever, our games show a different side of how we can show off our gamer status.

If it's Stem achievements, the Xbox gamerscore, or the Playstation trophies, our gaming habits show off a different form of bragging rights for our gaming habits. This can lead to new kinds of challenges, both in game, and out. Achievement and Trophy hunters boast with how big their score is, or how many Platinum trophies they have, sometimes this method of competitiveness can cause some disagreements about the game in question.

I don't particularly call myself an achievement hunter. There are times where I find myself in need of a challenge, and will pick a game, and set forth in collecting that achievement, ranking my Gamerscore a little bit higher.

I was glancing over my list, deciding to do a little hunting, considering I was a bit bored with what I had. But as I was looking through, I noticed how few achievements I had gathered in a few cases. I was thinking to myself “Why do I have so little unlocked? I thought I beat this game.” While looking at this title, which I had 12 of 70 achievements unlocked, I did realize that I had beaten the game from start to finish.

I sat there, baffled by how I managed to enjoy something so much, but had so little unlocked for it. Continuing my search I looked at another title. This time I had 32 of 55 achievements unlocked. Upon looking through the list, I noticed the “Complete The Game On Any Difficulty” achievement. But it was still locked. I was over halfway done with the list, but still had not beaten the game.

Looking through the entire list of titles I had, I looked through all of the achievements I had unlocked. I searched through every game, and counted how many I had acquired before getting the “Beat the Game On Any Difficulty” achievement.

Out of 94 games in my entire list, not even a third of them had I gotten half the achievements available for said titles before unlocking the “Beat the game” achievement.

Out of all of these games, 12 of them had been completed to perfection. 100 percentage of these achievements were unlocked. Despite only 12 being “perfected”, only one of these titles had every single achievement been unlocked before acquiring the “Beat The Game”.

All three BioShock games. The first BioShock had 46 of 53, BioShock 2 28/68, and BioShock:Infinite had 24/50. I found this odd, considering I had enjoyed BioShock 2 greatly over the first games and Infinite. While looking at all of this, I came to realize I had replayed only one of these titles multiple times, whereas the other two, I had only done once.

I have, like some others, been asked “Well, if you liked this game so much, why don't you have all the achievements unlocked?” among other similarly worded things. And I have, unfortunately, done the same to a Mass Effect fan who cosplays as Shepard, who has barely half the achievements in all three titles. It hit me that while I have enjoyed most games to the extent of 100 percenting the list, there are others that I have too greatly enjoyed, but have only given them one or two playthroughs.

While I enjoy the hunt of achievements, and racking up my score, it also bothers me when people question how I like some games, even if they were a one playthrough only title. They are just merely symbols of what I have done in a game. They don't show how or why I enjoyed the game myself.