Updated 10/2/13

Over a year ago when I was still heavily on GIO, I created this series called The Game Network. It follows the story of several GIO members as they are forced into game worlds, and must survive, trying to figure out why they are in there. But quickly learn, they are not in control. It was a weekly series, where I posted an "episode" as I called them, a week. Where after a certain number, I would end the "season.". When I first started this, is was well received. Quality was severely lacking, and I apologize for the. But otherwise, people enjoyed reading, an my fellow GIOers enjoyed doing it. I decided not to go on with the series since I wasn't pleased with my quality of writing, and for the fact how we were doing the series wasn't fun for any of us involved. But after some heavy thinking, I found a way to revamp the series, for the better.

So for the past few months, me and my crew have been working on the series, this time taking things to the next level. both in story, and how we were writing it. So I am proud to announce, The Game Network's return. Friday, October 11th, The Game Network Season Two will premier. It will continue the same format, being posted once every week, this time on Friday nights.

Below is the complete first season. Which I am sad to say is still in bad quality, but sets up the story, and characters... decently. So if you enjoy it, please, tune in for the season premier, next Friday. Thank you, and enjoy.



*Pre update*

Over the past three months, I have shared a simple series that I wanted to get the community involved with. I have loved the reactions of this project. The good, the bad, and all that stuff. It's been an incredible 3 months. It's been a long time coming making this, but the payoff was incredible. But here's where I need some more feedback. Do you want this to continue? it is an incredible thing to do, but also a hard couple of months putting this together. So I need to know, do you want another "season"? I have some changes coming for season 2, including cameos from you guys. But only if you want more. So anyway, onto the season finale.


During my 31/31, I teased the introduction to a new series. The responses were very positive, and anxious to get to read it. Well, I am very pleased to announce it's finally ready. For those who don't know what this is, here is the premise.

A group of gamers are sucked into the games they know, and are forced to live throughout the games. As they advance through each game world, they are transported to another game world, forced to survive the horrors that come with them.

Starting a few months ago, I simply asked for some volunteers to be the leads in my story. I was expecting two or three. And I have a grand total of nine people. Through some interferences, creativity droughts, and some very intriguing Skype chats, it has been a serious struggle to make this thing see the light of day. But I am pleased it's finally done. I'm not perfect and I've been editing this thing tirelessly excited and half scared, so there will be some errors that I have missed.

Throughout the coming weeks, I will update this blog with each individual 'episode' every Monday. Adding in a page for each episode. And I will mark each with what pages are what. I have a "unique" approach to this series, so I do hope you guys like how I, and the others, have it planned. So, it is my very pleasure to finally introduce...

The Game Network



Chris, The Retired Galaxy Savior





Gaming Warthog

The Great Cubone

Sora Three Ben



Technical difficulty update 10/29/12

Sometimes when I copy and paste the writing from my notepad onto the blog here on GIO, sometimes the transition will not work properly and where the " Quotation marks are supposed to be, they are replaced with different... words, so to say. So if you see those, I apologize and will try to correct them if they mess up on me. So bear with me on these occasions.


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2- Episode One 9/24/12

3- Episode Two 10/1/12

4- Episode Three 10/8/12

5- Episode Four 10/15/12

6- Episode Five 10/22/12

7- Episode Six 10/29/12

8- Episode Seven 11/5/12

9- Episode Eight 11/12/12

10- Episode Nine 11/19/12

11- Episode Ten 11/26/12

12- Episode Eleven 12/3/12

13- Episode Twelve 12/10/12