As consumers, we rely on reviews of games to help us decide if we want to buy said game or not. But with the reviews, there is always one thing people forget. It's just someone's opinion. There can be big hits such as Grand Theft Auto, Mass Effect, Halo, and Uncharted, with their huge, and loyal, fanbases. But none of these games are meant for everyone. Not everyone will like it. While most review scores will be similar when talking about these games, there will always be a few reviewers who did not like it. Along with customers who did not.
I am no different from the average person. I am a fan of several well respected series, and I am a fan of several series generally disregarded by gamers. Several people may hate that game or series, while I enjoy it. But as of late, I have been a tough critic when it comes to what I want to play. I've played a couple of well known and respected games by the gaming community, and it's praised nearly everywhere. Except from me.

Batman: Arkham Asylum was released August 25th, 2009. Created by Rocksteady Studios, the Batman oriented game was critically acclaimed by consumers and reviewers. Being labeled as one of the best Superhero games on the market.
After reading and seeing what people had liked from this game, I got myself a copy one day, and finally managed to see what all the hype was for it. While I could see exactly what everyone else liked of it, I however, did not.
Batman: Arkham Asylum, is not a bad game. I will not deny that. It is in fact decent. It ran smoothly, and the visuals were good. It however, did not pull me in like everyone else who had played it.

I am not a superhero fan. I never have been, and that won't quite change. I will watch, and play, superhero themed games and movie. But I do not particularly care for them. I can find some enjoyment in superhero games, such as only swinging around on a web in a Spiderman game, but I do not find that much enjoyment in them. And I could not find much in Arkham Asylum, that made me like it.

The story, was decent. It had some good twists along the ride, but nothing too extraordinary. The enemies themselves were unfortunately bland. The combat itself was a little bit disappointing. The environment was actually pretty well done. Along with some decent cameos and boss fights from noteable Batman rivals. But even the boss fights were lackluster in presentation, and execution. Including the final boss fight.

While the game felt like a good game, it just could not pull me in like everyone else who had played and loved it. I won't deny it was bad, since I could see why everyone liked it, but I could not find that enjoyment.

Portal 2, released April 19th, 2011. Developed and Published by Valve.

I loved the first Portal. It was fun, refreshing, and disorientating. And 2 lived up to being a good successor of the first game. I loved the entire first third of the game. But everything after that seemed too, "different", and unordinary for what I was expecting.

While the game itself was amazing, I had a hard time digesting everything after the first third of the game. People praise the "Cave Johnson" portion for being fun and hilarious. I found no enjoyment in this portion at all. Some of the humor was good and well placed, but it was not in the taste I was looking for.

While I do find some enjoyment in everything I play, there are some that I can't quite get into as I feel I should have. I mostly blame it on getting old. But it saddens me that I can't get enjoyment out of things I feel like I should. While I may play these games, they can't quite hold me over like others gamers.