GaMe (short for Gamify Me), was started as a form of community outreach, encouraging writers to get to know their fellow GIO members and create a character around them within the game worlds they love. For more information, see the original posting here.

Early April of 2012, Euphoric Ennui started a simple series to try to get the community together, to get to know each other. And it worked, to an extent. After 27 weeks, countless GaMe entries, and various users showing off their stuff, Gamify Me is ending temporarily. For how long, is unknown. but it needs a sabbatical for now. So, after 27 wonderful weeks of GaMe, let the final recap, begin.


Ace in the Hole by The Great Cubone

This was chock full of insanity, and I was cracking up the whole time! I had an awful fashion sense, a Southern drawl, and was a sharpshooter who dueled for a drink! The ending was fantastic and completely unexpected: I rode off into the sunset as a drunk Nate Drake stumbled after me. This was one of the greatest, most random stories I've read. Definitely was the wildcard of the bunch. :)


Doctor's Order by markus1142

In this story, I am a doctor in Milan just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse and make it out of the hospital. The writing in this was just incredible, and I felt like I was really there from the moment I first woke up in the beginning of the story. It was chock full of Easter eggs too, which were incredibly fun to stumble upon! Not to mention, I like how you included The Walking Dead's decision percentages, markus. That was a very nice touch!


Lunar Trace: The Prequel Part one/Part two by Mike

In this game (that isn't a typo!), Mike places myself as the commander of a group of rag-tag knights who need to band together to stop an evil threat from destroying our kingdom and loved ones. There is sacrifice, loss, triumph and a cliffhanger. It's just a great adventure story.


Ace Thinks With Portals by Joyful Penguin

In Penguin's tale, I am an unwilling test subject of GLaDOS who has to use portals to clear an obstacle. This time though, there's a painful twist: I don't have any hydraulic braces to help absorb shock when falling. After figuring out the basics of the Portal gun, I have no choice but to go for it, and try to move past to the next level. My favorite scene was towards the end when I succeeded in "thinking with portals" and made it through (bruised but) fine. It was a great underdog triumph, which I always enjoy!


The winner: First of all, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everybody for taking the time to write me a GaMe entry. It always is really nice to see all the wonderful things people make, but it's so hard choosing a winner! I enjoyed all of the stories, whether I was laughing or on the edge of my seat, so thank you. :) As for the winner though, Mike, you put me into a game! Well, not only myself, but other community members too. And from the music to the dialogue, it was so thoughtful all-around. So congrats to you!


And congrats to Mike, being the final winner. I wish i had something to offer you, but hold your head high with pride, you earned it.

And Ace, go ahead and put another badge on your profile, you earned it also.


So that concludes GaMe. if you want to go back, and see all the wonderful creations made over the past few months, head over to the GaMe Archives Group, where you can find all previous recaps, and entries.


Take care