And Happy New year to all. Gamify Me kicks off the new year with a slow start, but with two great entries. But I do want to make an announcement for GaMe. This week, Week #27, will be the last week of GaMe for awhile. With some rocky weeks, me and King find it best to end the series for awhile. It's not going away for good, but we're taking a sabbatical for awhile. I don't know if it'll be for a few weeks, to a few months. While the next two weeks will be the final week of GaMe, rest assured, the series is not ending. It will return. So, lets get on with the recap, shall we?



Markus Needs Speed by Joyful Penguin

Markus says: A short but really well written story, putting me behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Aventador in the Need For Speed Universe. True to the games, a race that starts off looking like a sure win (and easy payday) quickly turns into a high speed pursuit, and I find myself ditching the race, as well as the cops.


Desperate Times by ace13 

Markus says: I never played more than about an hour into Half-Life 2, but this made me want to go back to it. I'm not familiar with the locations and I've only read about how much people loved Alex Vance second-hand, but this had me grinning from start to finish. Plus, I get to play with the gravity gun - one of the most fun weapons ever.







It's tough picking a winner, even when there are only 2 entries, when you really love both of them. Maybe I was just sentimental this week, thinking about my resume and changing jobs, but something about Ace's idea of what a career as a "combat engineer" would be like definitely put a smile on my face. Plus, any story that starts with a picture of a crowbar is off to a good start :)


So congrats to out final winner for now, ace. As usual, we will continue with out two week period for entries. January 20th at 9:00PM EST is the deadline for the final submissions. So go check out her profile here, and see you guys one final time in two weeks.


Markus, go ahead and put another badge on your profile, or just add a x2. You earned it.



Now for those who don't know what the heck I'm talking about, here's the link to the official rules for Gamify Me. And the GaMe Archive Group, where you can find all kinds of stuff like previous recaps, winners, and players.


As always, take care