With the Holidays upon us, everyone is out doing their last minute Christmas shopping, and traveling, and all that fun stuff. So with that in mind, I was very pleased with the turnout of GaMe entries we had. T'was only 5, but they all came in such great quality. Thank you guys so much for a great 2 weeks, and also, a happy birthday to our subject Mike. So, onto the recap, and also, Happy birthday dude.


Betrayal by Ghost

Mike- I am portrayed as a getaway driver for a Bank robbery, which turns into a case of betrayal, and never got my cut of the deal. Was also hoped to get killed, but it also means betrayal for Tom, one of the bank robbers, where wanted me out of the deal as well. So what I did? I guess what any good guy would do: let the police do their work. They didn't put much of a fight, though. Loved it though.


Minecraft Mike by DJH

Mike-In the famous and creative land of Minecraft, I wonder around hoping to survive, eat and make a house before it gets dark. Just like how Minecraft Steve would experience it, it's not so easy once it's dark. I also get to see those things that would scare one while trying to survive and finish my house, which in any case it looks like a small cave. I love Minecraft, and this entry was entertaining and pushed me to even play Minecraft. *Checks time* Speaking of Minecraft, I NEED TO MAKE THE GIO MINECASE! I NEED MORE USER ENTRIES!!! D:


The Burning Question by xking595x

Mike- I'm portrayed as an unknown male that infected and killed a scientist(Darth) that has killed 2 other people(King and dadarkheart... I believe, right?) for necessary sacrifices. There's an unknown reason to this, but doesn't stop me from killing Darth(sorry, bro.). And as soon as I found out Umbrella was behind this and heard Zombies headed my way, I make a run for it. Too bad that I left behind my Nametag.


Alone in the Cold by Joyful Penguin

Mike-I'm a loner traveling in the winter and made a sacrifice of supplies to buy a Tome that contained a spell that I was searching. Then, I face what I called a Terminator Goblin(lol) and face him in a battle for dear life. One I totally enjoyed reading.


The Symphony of Michael by markus1142 (No link at due time. Will be added later)

Mike-I wake up from cryogenic state to face the world of Dead Space. No, it's not the Ishimura, but I find myself in a Horror story with Dead Spacey monsters and try to survive. Yet, I'm still reading this LONG GaMe entry, so far, it's one of the best entries I've seen so far, even though I hate Dead Space.





Well, today has been one hell of a day, since it's my B-day. And even though I despise Dead Space, markus1142 went away with it and made a story from it, since it's one of the games that went 100% for me. Yes, a hated game won today, but the game's world isn't what I was paying attention to. While the other entries made a smile on my face in this special day for me, markus overdid himself and made 10 Chapters, and despite the format that it's written like, I am enjoying it. Also, it gave me an idea of a chapter for my Survival Horror game for future reference. So from today's Birthday Boy, you get my vote for the win. Hats off to you!


And another awesome, (And lengthy) entry from Markus, that by fa deserved to win. Apologies for no link, but once It's up, I'll add it in. Well, for those who are interested in doing Gamify me, you can find Markus' profile here. For those of you who don't know what Gamify Me is, here is the link to the rules. Though it is a two week period, so you have until Sunday January 6th at 9:00PM EST to get submissions in.


And as for you Mike, you can pop another sucker on your profile, or just do this. Whichever you prefer.



And for those reading, Happy Holidays, and take care.