With another week come by, we see the return of old faces, yet again! And we also had a very special GaMe entry. Boy, I thought using a game that wasn't even released yet was amazing. And as always, there has been a nice batch of wonderfully created GaMe's. So, lets find out the new champ, shall we? The recap!

The Legend of Joyful Penguin: Didgeridoo of Time by Stranger

Penguin says-I delegate the death of Ganon, become a land shark in Hyrule and take out the Gerudo with some fuel rod blasts. A different take on the priorities of the Hero of Time, and it was entertaining throughout. I chuckled whilst reading this.


Like No One Ever Was by Jolt the Cynic

Penguin says-I'm an old fogey with a rivalry with Oak, and my Zangoose helps take care of an issue for me. Genius. A pokemon with an attitude problem,  an overlooked old man, and maybe my favorite line I've read in a while: poopoo for PokePuffs.


A Penguin and His Handler by markus1142

Penguin says-An exceptionally well done blog, markus1142 writes me as a Spartan IV with a (slightly ditzy) AI partner. I take down a shielded Covenant weapons silo. Fantastic pacing and detail. I highly enjoyed my AI partner.


The Battle Through Time Part 1/Part 2 by Mike

Penguin says-In a twist that I've never seen, Mike created his GaMe with RPG maker and the result was fantastic. Paking emotion and music, it played out fantastically. With the FAQ idea at the end of part 2, any plot holes were filled and it played out well. This has made me exceptionally excited to play one of his games.


A Recipe For Disaster by ace13

Penguin says-Touching on my wussy side (which, really, is fairly true), ace explains how I become the most famous chef in the world, specializing in one of the greatest foods ever imagined: the cheesecake. That really is a little creepy how well it describes me.


The Winner




I have never had a game movie made for/about me, and this was fantastic. He integrated his previous GaMe winners that he wrote about, tying it all together. With a storyline that integrates all sorts of lore and the fact that the woman comes to save the hero is a kicker. That of course, was my wife's favorite part. Anyway, great job Mike and thank you!


So congrats to Mike! For those Gamifying still, you can find his profile here.


Penguin. Good job on winning, and you may now put this badge on your profile. You earned it.


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