And another week passes, this time with Thanksgiving. Boy, was that hectic, but fun. And I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving themselves. But with that come and gone, we had a nice little turnout of GaMe entries. So here's the recap.


Coming In Hot by xking595x

Hawke5 says- I felt his was truly amazing. Tying me into a game as awesome as Halo was n't anything short of heroic.



The Platforming Plumber by Joyful Penguin

Hawke5 says- Giving a blog of almost purposeful comical relief, he tied me in with Mario and Bowser and a V8 ! I laughed almost the whole way through.



The Hawk And His Prey by markus1142

Hawke5 says- Nike's Motto says go big or go home. Markus meet that level and exceeded it. I was deeply intrigued with his format of writing with Assassin's Creed.



The Winner

Joyful Penguin

He masterminded his entry. He let me eat healthy, obtain a girlfriend, and make Bowser look stupid! It was ultimately hilarious and can't wait to see more of his work. Thank you for all of the entries :)


So congrats to Joyful Penguin! For those participating, you can find his profile here. As usual, the period is 2 weeks. Sunday December 9th at 9:00 PM is when your entry has to be submitted. (yes, I'm giving exact times now :p)


As for you Hawke5, put the badge on your profile. You earned it.


As always, take care