And another slow week strikes us again. Several vets couldn't get one in (sorry dadarkheart. I tried, but the blog wouldn't post on me) But we did get a shocking return form a 3 time champ. But with the holidays coming up, I suspect a shortage of people. but this will be open for anyone who is still interested, so please, write one. We've been struggling, and more would be appreciated. Consider it you Christmas gift to me! And the person being gamified, but still... make me a happy Sasquatch. Onto the recap.


A Trip To The Asylum by Hawke5

dadarkheart-In his first GaMe Hawke5 accomplished a few things. He discovered my hatred of anchovies and made me experience death while visiting Asylum. Not bad for a first outing. Shame Batman didn't save me though.

Da Duck Hunt by Jolt the Cynic

dadarkheart-The return of a legend. Coming back after an extended absence Jolt managed to do something everybody from the years of old have wanted to do for over 20 years. I got to kill the stupid dog from Duck Hunt.

The Darkbird's Angry Heart by ElGato

dadarkheart-I never thought I would see an Angry Birds GaMe nor did I think he was serious about it.  This made me laugh and showed a creative side of ElGato. I don't think a story with Angry Birds would be easy but here we have an individual that succeeded.





The Winner


He came. He saw. He conquered. I enjoyed all of my stories so this was a hard choice. But in the end I went with MasterRelishHawke5. Congrats bro you earned it. May you receive many stories in your 2 weeks of fame.

Seeing as I don't seem like an interesting writing subject I will now officially withdraw from GaMe. Winning is fun and all but when you barely get any stories it gets kinda depressing and this is my second time winning with low results. So I bid GaMe farewell for now. Maybe one day I'll pull a Jolt.


No! Don't be like that! GaMe hasn't been doing too good lately, it's not just you. but very well. Looking forward to your return. and pop this sucker on your profile again, or just...


For those playing, you can find Hawke5's profile here.


As always, take care.