Desert winds sifts across the sandy dunes, glare from the sun shining off the golden sand. The robes of a strange creature blow with the wind, as the creature meditates in the middle of the desert. The dunes shift along the sea of sand, moving around the creature.

Minutes pass as the creature continues to meditate. The creature finally stands out of the sand, the grains falling off of its robes.

It stands there, looking up into the sky, the breeze of the wind blowing against its velvet robes. Looking down at the golden sea, the creature treks among the desert, sifting through the sand as it walks up the dune.

Reaching the top, it over looks the sea of dust, seeing a mountain in the distance. Upon observing the mountain for moments, the creature begins its descent down the dune.

It slides down the hill, the flowing through the sand with ease. Halfway down the hill, the creature slips, jumping off the dune.

It lands on the ground, spinning in disarray, sand flying all around the creature. It gets up from the ground, shaking off the sand that engulfed it.

Staring off into the distance, the silhouette of a building is seen in the beams of the sun. Standing still for a moment, the creature moves, heading off towards the structure.

It treks up another dune, the robes flowing in the breeze of the wind.

Reaching the top, the creature begins its descent down. Wind blows sand over the area, covering up the tracks the creature caused.

Reaching the bottom of the dune, it heads towards the stone stairs leading up to the top of the structure. Reaching the top, it stares at a glowing orb, small velvet cloths fling around it.

Taking a step closer, the orb begins to move towards the creature. As the orb dissolves into the creature, a scarf emerges from the creatures neck.

The creature stands on the top of the tower, looking at its new scarf flow in the wind. The small floating cloths surround the creature. They begin touching the scarf, causing white symbols to cover it.

The creature moves away from the cloths, donning off its new scarf. staring off into the distance, the creature sees another silhouette in the suns glare.

Jumping up off the structure, the creature floats away into the distance, beginning its Journey through the desert.


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