Almost didn't think we would have nay entries this week. Thought you guys quit after the 20th week (Thanks King for covering for me.) before getting to the recap,I do want to give the spotlight to the GaMe Archives Group. It's a group xking595x set up, showcasing every single GaMe made (even the bad ones) who has submitted an entry, and soon a "fun facts" section. so if you have time, head on over there and support what King did. Now, onto the recap.


Origins by dadarkheart

Darth says-dadarkheart delivered his usual brand of GaMe by mixing humor and ridiculous scenarios together, with hilarious results. Heart tried to tell my origin story, but he didn't end up getting very far.


The Journey by DJH

Darth says-In his first PS3 exclusive GaMe, DJH tackles Journey. The pacing is peaceful and contemplative, not unlike the game itself. DJ's addition of an ambient soundtrack and visual aids really put this one over the top.

The Shift Change by xking595x

Darth says-King tells the tale of a Stormtrooper specially trained by Lord Vader himself to resist Jedi Mind Tricks. After passing a series of tests, Darth is sent to Tatooine on guard duty. He gets bored and leaves to pick up some converters, not knowing a certain old man and a young moisture farmer are about to arrive. Oops.


Carbon Copy by markus1142

Darth says-When Markus sits down to write a GaMe, you know it's going to be good. Donald Arthur (nicknamed Darth) is a wanna-be actor stuck in Arkham City who gets recruited by Batman to help stop the Riddler. Impersonating the Bat, Darth thwarts the evil doer's plans and gives the performance of his life.


Secret Agent Man by ace13

They said it couldn't be done. They said she couldn't post a GaMe late. They said she wouldn't set him on fire. You know what? They were wrong.


The Winner



Very few bloggers can insult the reader while also making him laugh so hard, orange soda comes out of his nose. (true story) dadarkheart is one of those bloggers. There isn't much else to say except congratulations Heart! The tables will now be turned.... (let's see how you like soda coming out of your nose;)


Congrats to dadarkheart! for those participating, you can find his pofile here.


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As always, take care