And another week of GaMe passes us. But this week is a special week of Gamify Me. Know why? We had out One Hundredth GaMe entry. 100 GaMe's! Can you believe it? This series has come  along way, with some turbulence in spots. But with this week done, we enter out grand 20th week. So lets try to make this the best turnout yet for this landmark, shall we? But before hand, the recap!


Domination by cybertronian assassin

Darth says-This was Cybertronian's first GaMe, and it was sweet. He made me evil mastermind who had the power to control the worlds carbon. Intent on defeating Batman in the most humiliating way possible, I trapped B-Man in the wall of his own batcave and made him watch Robot Chicken. (Among other things) Cyber also included no less than six (SIX) hidden references to my profile. Good job Cyber, you did your research:)


DJH says-Robot Chicken is a good show. Batman is a horrible "superhero"... There were six? I got three. I'll be right back....




The Darkness Befalls by dadarkhearts

Darth says-A continuation of his Raccoon city series, Dadarkheart threw me into the chaos along with xking595x and himself. As a scientist seeking redemption (or am I?) it was revealed that it was my work with Carbonite that caused the Zombie outbreak. It also ended with one heck of a cliffhanger. I can't wait to see the next entry Heart!


DJH says- Another Raccoon City continuation. But the beauty of this one is the style of how he wrote the dialogue. It was weird, but yet brilliant at the same time.



The Master by markus1142

Darth says-Known for his action scenes, Markus's story revolves around a squad of Republic Commandos led by a Jedi nicknamed "Carbonite". The mission heats up fast, and after an epic battle with a Sith Lord, it's reavled that Carbonite is not what he appears. I loved everything about it Markus, great job:)


DJH says- Markus does not disappoint in the action department. No matter what he does, he manages to make the combat feel nice and smooth.




Sacrifices by ace13

Darth says-Set in the world of Heavy Rain, Ace makes me an overworked investigator getting WAY to much flak from coworker Lieutenant Blake. Ace did a great job of making a sympathetic character, while maintaining the dark atmosphere the game is known for. A very good read:)


DJH says- She did it again. But this time with a unique twist on Heavy Rain. And I must say, you do a too good of a convincing job playing Blake. Way too convincing....




Omega by DJH

Darth says-In his first Mass Effect themed GaMe, DJ tells the tale of four Alliance soldiers sent to ascertain Shepard's whereabouts. Things go south in the undercity of Omega, and people die. A sad but very engaging story. Oh, and never trust a Hanar! (thanks DJ:)


DJH says-Very observant about this being my first Mass Effect GaMe. But you have to thank Darth for how this turned out. I asked him some questions, and the answers he provided made up this GaMe.


The Winner




"Quality over quantity" seemed to be the theme of this weeks GaMes, and I loved them all. A big thank you to everyone involved, you guys made me the happiest Sith lord ever! But In the end, a choice had to be made, and Markus's "The Master" stood out. Now before you cry "because it was Star Wars!" I'd like to point out that this story had a lot going for it: well-written fight scenes, a mysterious protagonist, a surprising twist at the end, and it was just plain fun to read. You have a real talent Markus, congratulations!


A big congratulations to Markus! Not only because of your win, but you were also the 100th GaMe entrant. This was paired way too perfectly. So congrats to Markus. Everyone, you can find his profile here.


As for you Darth, pop this sucker on your profile. You earned it.


For those Gamifying, the recap will last another two weeks. Then we might switch back to one week. Unless two fits you guys better.


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