Omega, the dark haven for criminals, terrorists, and malcontents. The deep underground lays victim to the plague unleashed by the Vorcha. Looters digging around the abandoned homes, Looting the corpses left behind by the plague. Four Alliance soldiers walk around the slums, examining the damaged caused by the plague.

The human soldier walks over to the corpse of a Batarian, kneeling down to examine it. "Poor sod. Exactly why are we on Omega anyway? Especially here in the slums." Jennifer asked, looking over the corpse. "Because that's our orders. To find this informant who claims Shepard is alive." Ash, the Asari responded. Jennifer starts laughing at the answer. "Despite being one of the best Spectres out there, Shepard is dead. When the Normandy blew up, so did Shepard." She angrily responded.

The two tensely stare at each other, before being interrupted by a Turian. "Hey, we were in the neighborhood. Besides it's not that bad here." As the Turian stopped talking, both women look at him in disbelief. "Are you kidding me Darth? There's no one to be seen down here. Mainly because that plague has killed them all." Jen stated. "The plague does not affect Vorcha or humans. You should be grateful you are immune." A Hanar stated as it passed the group.

"Darth, I like you. I do. But what were you thinking bringing a jellyfish with us?" Jen asked, aggravated. "Hanar are capable soldiers. Haven't you seen the new Blasto film?" Darth responded. "She hates Hanar. Mainly because she can't tell if it's a male or female one she's trying to do." Ash mocked. "That's it blue chick, you and me. right here and now!" Jen demanded, raising her fists in the air. "I suggest you put away your childish insults and start running. There is a very large Krogan coming this way, and he does not seem pleased." The Hanar stated, observing the Krogan making its way down the hallway.

"Hey there big guy! I don't suppose you're actually here about the information we need, are you?" Jen mockingly asked. The Krogan reaches behind his back, pulling out a shotgun. "I guess not!" She yelled, jumping behind a pillar as the Krogan began to fire. Both Ash and Darth run for cover as the Krogan continues to fire upon them. "Where's the Hanar?" Darth asked, noticing the Hanar was missing. "I'm on it." Jen yelled, running out from cover, and into one of the buildings.

"We've got Vorcha!" Ash yelled as Vorcha begin to swarm the area, joining the Krogan. As one of the Varcha's begin to proceed closer to the soldier, Darth uses his biotic skill, incinerating the Vorcha. It scream in pain as its body falls to the ground, disintegrating into ash.

Peeking out from hiding, both the soldier watch as a rocket flies through the hallway, exploding as it hits the wall behind them. "They have a rocket launcher." Darth commented watching as the Vorcha with the launcher scrambled back into hiding. Peeking out from the side of the pillar, Darth watches as two more Krogan join the battle. "Ash, leave now." Darth ordered. "Are you crazy? You won't last!" She bickered. "I am your commanding officer, now go!" He ordered again.

She just stares at him, then turns to the wave of enemies. Shaking her hea din disbelief, she uses her biotic abilities, pushing Darth out of the window. The Turian scream as he comes crashing down onto the floor. He looks up at the window he was thrown out to to hear screams. His face turns pale as her screams stop.

"Commander!" Jen yelled as she ran to Darth's aid. "What happened to you? Where's Ash?" She asked, persistently. He sits on the floor, staring at her, not knowing what to say. She opens her mouth, but nothing comes out. She helps Darth as he tries to get up off the floor. He holds his back in pain, taking in deep breaths.

Carrying him across her shoulder, Jen helps Darth walk across the courtyard. "Did you ever find the Hanar?" Darth curiously asked. Before she could answers, a blast strikes her from behind, sending her flying across the room. Darth look over to see the Hanar walk out of darkness, guarded by Vorcha bodyguards.

"The return of the Enkindlers will not be halted by your kind. I apologize, but this must happen." The Hanar explained, as on of the Vorchas pointed its gun at Darth. Before Darth could speak, the Vorcha fires his gun, the gunshot ringing through the deserted hallways.


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