Before Dead Island came out, it got so hyped that the game fell flat because of it. The story was not there, like the trailer had showed. And it was plagued with technical problems. Plenty of glitches and bugs, and clunky inventory/controls. When it was released, I enjoyed the game. I did. Yeah it was disappointing compared to what it was hyped up to be. But in two days, September 6th, it will be its one year anniversary. So over the weekend, I decided to go back and replay it. As I was replaying it, the things I had criticized it for, was appealing to me this time around.

The graphics are beautiful. The design for the island, and the overall tone of the game felt incredible. The chaos of abandoned cars along the road, and wrecked vehicles. The insides of the buildings of the hotel and bungalows looked as if they had been through a twister. Blood covering objects, pools that were filled with water now filled with blood, writings on walls that were written with blood. Coming across corpses that were eaten to the bones. Mangled bodies that you couldn't tell if they had turned into the infected, or were really dead. The visuals of the zombies, seeing the bite marks, and the damage your weapons are doing to them. Throwing a knife or dagger into their limbs, and seeing them come at you with your weapons sticking out of them. I never saw the beauty the first playthrough. But coming back months later, I could see the horror and atmosphere that successfully pulls off the feel of what the apocalypse would feel like.

Having different 'types' of zombies was one thing I really criticized of the game the first time around. Having the special zombies keeps things fresh, but I hated them. This time around, they grew on me. The common Walker, being slow but hard to take down. The Infected, Insanely fast but easier to take down. The Thug, big, strong, and tough to take down. Those zombies are what I like. But the 'special' infected still bothers me. The Suicider, being able to blow up. The Ram, a freakishly huge zombies in a straightjacket. The Floater, being able to vomit corrosive slime. And the Butcher. Bone claws for hands. They seemed to not fit in with the game.

One of the things that bothered me, and several other people, were the quests. The first time around, I hated them. They seemed boring and pointless to the lacking story. But my opinion changed on them. Helping people recover lost jewelry, finding a teddy bear for a grown woman, grabbing liquor for drunks. The first time, they were just ridiculous. But as I replayed it, it all actually fit in. Grabbing items such as those I mentioned, help the survivors cope with the chaos around them. Going around looking for other people for the survivors to help them know if their loved ones were alive or not. Finding a certain amount of objects, as duct tape, nails, batteries. They fit in with maintaining their safe houses. None of that never made sense until now. They couldn't manage to go out themselves to find the necessary objects, so they recruited the guys who couldn't become infected.

I managed to see a lot of the good things the game pulled off. But there are some things that still doesn't make sense The story made some sense. Help out the main survivors to get around the Island safely to find a way out. But when I'm playing the game, alone, the characters I interact with act as if all four of the main characters are around. in the cut scenes, it's all four main protagonists, even though I am doing it myself. Going through the game, with that in every cut scene, made the whole thing confusing. If it weren't for that confusion, this would have been a perfect game. And the character themselves were just not there. They were truly empty shells.

Patches have cleared up the technical problems I had with the game. But there are still some minor inconveniences. And the big story problem. With Dead Island Riptide coming up, I hope they add more things to make it feel like a better zombie experience, and work on the story better. But overall, the original game is an experience to not miss out on. At first it was a beautiful mess. But over time coming back to it, it has become a gem worthy of peoples time.


Take care