And another week of GaMe. Still going steady with 4 entries. And I'm keeping my word from last weeks blog. All entries (Including mine) from now until October 20th, I will set aside money do donate to Team GIO. So far I have $1 set aside. And I am also keeping my other promise. 40 entries (Not including mine), and I will do a my own cover of a song. Drop the name of a song, and Maybe I'll cover it.

Now Also an announcement. I've decided to extend the period to two weeks. Yep. While a week is good and all, I believe having two weeks to make a GaMe is sufficient. So every recap from now on, it will be a two week period to get your entries in. So you have more than enough time to come up with a story, and write it down.

The Recap!


Crossing Over To The Wild World by KillerRabbidsFTW


Bender says-In this story, I run away from home to the town of "Your Mom", and get scammed by Tom Nook. While I wish it included a little bit more, it was still a fun story that was entertaining to read.

DJH says- I've never played Animal Crossing, and after this I don't think I ever will. But nevertheless it was entertaining. And with pictures!



Unfortunate Survivor by DJH


Bender says-In this installment of GaMe, The Lone Wanderer goes into an abandoned metro station, and finds some audio logs, with me in them, as Ben with my trusty baseball bat, benderstrike. This was well written, and even a little tragic, with Marie's death, but overall a great read.

DJH says- ....



What Are You Waiting For by ace13


Bender says- A snazzy tale of me taking on the Negativatron in LittleBigPlanet 2. Overall, it was a very sweet and moving tale. I loved the way you incorporated me finding GIO as well. Great work, amigo.

DJH says- Snazzy, covers this nicely. And intriguing narrative, and music to go along with the story! This was one unexpected, but absolutely entertaining piece.



The Whiskey by xking595x


Bender says- Yet another awesome Fallout story, this time in the pursuit of whiskey. While I can't, don't, and will try to never drink, it was an interesting and descriptive tale on the adventures of Strike.

DJH says- One of the more intriguing uses of benders name. Following 'strike' as he searches for whiskey. There was a real feel of being under the influence in the story that was nicely done. Drinking + Post-apocalyptia is never a good combination.




The Winner






Congrats, ace17! I crown you the winner of this weeks GaMe. While everyone's were excellent, yours really stood out. You incorporated everything I said I like about LittleBigPlanet 2, including "What Are You Waiting For." Congrats, amigo!


Congrats to ace! An unexpected entry like this deserves to win. So for you guys participating, you can find her profile here


As for you bender, go ahead and put the badge on your profile. You earned it.


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