The Capital Wasteland. Deep in the Metro Junction, the Lone Wanderer scavenges the debris on the destroyed metro. Finding a footlocker in the middle of the torn down settlement, he opens it, discovering audio tapes. Shifting through the tapes, he picks up the tape marked 'one' and stars playing it.



Elderly Man: Audio log one. Myself and other people barely survived a super mutant attack. Only a handful of us managed to make it here.

Markus: Exactly where is here?

Ben: We're in the metro tunnels. You know, this could make a decent place to live. We set up some barricades and this would be a good resting place.

[Gun fire is heard in the background]

Markus: No, the mutants must have found us!



The audio tape cuts off. The wanderer pops in another tape, but is too heavily damaged to read. He shifts through the other tapes, trying to find one that could be played. Upon discovering a readable tape, he starts playing it



Ben: Markus has made himself chief after Bobby and Mel died. It's not been.... a pleasant time since his takeover.  We do have the place set up nicely. But I wish the ruler could be... well. It's bad. He knows nothing of what should be done.

Marie: Ben, what are you doing?

Ben:I'm continuing what Bobby started when we got here. Making an audio diary.

Marie: I never did understand what he was trying to do. Why are you continuing it?

Ben: Well.... I guess to keep his memory going. After all he was the one to save us form the mutants.



As the audio cuts off, the Lone Wanderer grabs another.



Markus: Cut that thing off!

Ben: No! People need to know what you did!

Marie: Markus, what is he talking about?

Markus: Nothing!

Ben: He was the one who killed the others! He saved himself from the mutant attack by leaving them to die!

Marie: Markus?

[Gunfire is heard]

Ben: Marie!



The Wander grabs another tape, as the previous one cuts off.



Ben: After Markus and Marie died, it's been pure chaos. The rest of the survivors are on edge because of their deaths, and because we accidentally ran across feral ghouls living in the tunnels.

[Screams and gunfire are hear din the background]

Ben: Guys! What's happening?

[More gunfire]

Ben: Guys!

[A loud crash is heard]



The audio cuts off after the crash. As the wander reaches for the audio tapes, the growls of Feral Ghouls are heard in the distance. The Wander Readies his gun, as he begins to play another tape.



Woman: We can't stay here, we need to leave!

Man: And go where!? Those things are everywhere outside! We wouldn't last a minute without them tearing us apart.

Woman: But if we can.

Man: We stay here and wait it out!

Ben: We leave.

Man: What?

Ben: We just try to make it out. We run. Just run. It's just the three of us now. We have nothing to lose.

Man: We do. Our lives.



As the audio cuts off, a feral ghoul walks out of the tunnel in front of the Wanderer. Pointing the gun at the ghoul, the Wanderer fires, taking the ghoul out with a single shot. The gun shot echoes throughout the tunnels. The screams of ghouls are heard throughout the tunnel. "Over here!" A man yelled, peeking his head through a maintenance door. Seeing the ghoul appear from sight, The Wanderer runs toward runs towards the man.

Before they could shut the door, the ghoul pries it open form them. "The ladder, go!" The man yelled as they run away form the swarm of ghouls. The Wander makes his way up the ladder, the man tries to follow closely behind, but  is pulled down by the ghouls. The Wander watches as he is dragged out of the room. Shaking his head in disgust, The wander continues up the ladder.

Reaching the top, he looks around the room, seeing one audio tape sitting on the floor. The Wanderer walks over, and starts playing it.



Ben: So, the other didn't make it. There were too many of the ghouls. I'm currently held up in some room. I've tried finding a way out, but I can't pick the lock to the only way out. Luckily I was able to fend off some ghouls already living up here with my trusty baseball bat. Benderstrike has not let me down yet.



As the audio cuts off, The Wander realizes the man was Ben. Looking around the room, he sees the door Ben couldn't open. Picking the lock, the Wanderer escapes the metro, horrified at the ghouls inhabiting the tunnels.





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