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31/31 Day 12: GaMe Week #15 Recap

Yet another successful week of GaMe. After a few weeks of nothing, we hold strong at 7 entries. Along with the return of a familiar face, the normal crowd, and the newest participants, I am happy to say GaMe can continue! As long as we can keep the numbers up. So, onto the recap, eh?


KillerRabbitFTW's Pokemon Revolution by benderstrike64

KR says-benderstrike64 tells an entertaining story about the day Pokemon finally struck back at their cruel human masters. Luckily, I'm a bit of a Pokemon nut myself, and was able to understand most of the references to the games. I found the climax with Youngster Joey particularly satisfying, because that little punk wouldn't stop giving me annoying calls when I was playing Pokemon Soulsilver. All hail Killer the Azumarill, Champion of the Opressed!


The Legend of Zelda: Ganon's Final Battle by Mike

KR says-Mike's entry has a nice mix drama, action, and video game references. As far as reservations go, my main complaint is that Mike didn't try to flatter me by making me superhero. Instead, he made me relatively weak compared to all these video game characters, which is probably a more realistic approach. Then again, he did make Samus my love interest...

[thinks about it for a minute]

I have no qualms with how I was portrayed in this story.



A Strange Story by DJH

KR says-In this story by DJH, my character is banished, beaten, robbed, and left for dead. I respond to these hardships the same way any reasonable person would: I commit mass murder. At least my crimes against humanity are committed in a fairly interesting way. SPOILER ALERT: it involves rabbits- rabbits that KILL.



Killer Rabbit vs. The Cooking Mama by Chris, the retired galaxy saver

KR says-Chris has proven that he possesses an intellect that far exceeds my own. When I read between the lines of this tragic tale, I feel I've grasped an inkling of Chris's greater message, only to find myself more lost when I reflect on it further. I highly recommend you take the time to read this shockingly brief story, but be warned: at its conclusion, you will find yourself staring blankly at the screen, unable to comprehend what drove Chris to write this narrative.



Tale of a Dimension-Traveling Rabbit by BRAV0 F1VE

KR says-BRAV0 implied that he wrote his entry during a moment of sleep deprivation, and the story he wrote shows it. One moment my character is running around doing rabbit things, then a spectral being appears and sets him off on his quest. He travels through video game worlds, unsure of what he's supposed to be doing. Then he just gives up and goes home. I still can't decide if the twist at the end was predictable or not. You guys should read it just so we can discuss the ending.



The Unlucky Foot by dadarkheart

It seems as though every single one of these entries involves some horrible thing happening to me, but dadarkheart seemed bent on writing the most disturbing GaMe of all, in which I have the suckiest life possible. This story is funny, but it's depressing at the same time. Having me lose my innocence for comedic effect seems just a tad excessive...



The Lady Killer by xking595x

As you can infer from the title, in King's entry, I'm a bit of a lady killer. This story is based on a personal story in the Sims 3, and those of us who have played it will recognize that you can do all of these things in the game. There is also a very good morale to this story: if you fool around with a married woman, make sure you can beat the husband in a fight. Also, make sure your house is insured.





The Winner


Interestingly, all of this week's GaMe entries seem to be about me being placed in an awful situation and how I respond to my predicament. benderstrike64 and DJH had me kill a bunch of people. dadarkheart had me contemplate suicide. BRAV0 F1VE had me decide that I was wasting my time, so I just went home and played video games. Only Mike went with the crazy idea of making me a human being. I'm not saying his story was flawless. I got the feeling that if his entry were a video game, I would be the insecure child character that everyone hates. Even so, I'm impressed with Mike's willingness to incorporate real emotions with his tale. That's not to say I didn't enjoy the other entries. You guys are all awesome (except for you, dadarkheart).


Honorable Mention

I didn't have enough time to re-read these entries and give my thoughts, and I apologize for that. But this weeks Honorable Mention goes out to Chris, the retired galaxy saver. After a few weeks of absence (about 10 or so) he comes back with one of the most disturbing and hilarious reads I've read in awhile. The title alone is worthy of the mention. Trust me, no one likes Cookin' Mama.




So congrats to Mike! For those wanting to participate, you can find his profile here



As for you Killer, go ahead and put the badge of your profile. Ya earned it.


As usual, take care