"And then they lived together all happily ever after. And all that fun crap no one cares about." The old man finished, closing the story book.  "Tell me another!" The little boy shouted happily, jumping in his bed. The old man groans as he reaches for a book. "No, no! Not those! They are all happy. Tell me a scary story!" yelled the boy. The old man sat there, staring happily at the boy. "Okay. I'll tell you a scary story."

"A long time ago, here in the lands of Albion, lived a man by the name of Joey. Now little Joey was always picked on by all the other people." The little boy interrupted the man. "Grandpa, this sounds boring." The Grandfather scoffs at the boy. "You need to let me finish. The good stuff is coming. Now where was I? Oh yes!"

"Now Joey was always the outcast because back then, people frowned upon magic. And this man was capable of all kinds of magic. He was able to use his magic to control animals. Now because of this, the townsfolk were scared he would try to develop his mind control abilities to control them! so one day, the casted him out of the city."

The boy rolls his eyes. "Let me guess, he controls a group of Balverines to attack the city. No, no! Hobbes!" The Grandfather shakes his head. "No. Now, alone and ashamed, the man wanders off into the forest. As he is wandering around, a group of bandits attack him! After beating him to a bloody pulp, they steal his belongings and take off. Once he comes to, he notices a herd of rabbits hoping around him. After getting an evil, and slightly twisted idea in his head, he uses his magic to control the rabbits."

The boy starts laughing. "Rabbits? How stupid is that?" The Grandfather groans in frustration. "Anyway. As he controls the rabbits, he tracks down the bandits who attacked him. Once he found them, he ordered the rabbits to attack! Now the bandits were taken off guard by the attack of rabbits. Young Joey watches as the rabbits eat the bandits, picking the flesh off of their bones!" The young boys face turns sour as he hears the story continue.

"Now after getting his belongings back, he ventured further into the forest, using his powers to collect more and more rabbits! Now a few days pass after his exile, all the townsfolk forgetting about the deranged boy. They continued their daily lives, thinking the young man had died once they threw him out. Until little Joey and his rabbit army came back."

"I'm not sure I like this story." The boy told his Grandfather. "You wanted a scary story. So I'm giving you a scary story." The Grandfather smiles, and continues his story.

"The town burns as the rabbit army attacks it's civilians. all the guardsmen fell, as they knew nothing on what to do with killer rabbits. Houses fall to the ground, people screaming in pain as the rabbits eat them alive! Sitting on the edge of a cliff, little Joey watches the town burn to the ground. He smiles as he hears the screams of its inhabitants."

"The next day, the king of the rabbits walks through the burnt out town, satisfied of his accomplishment. Now here is where the rumors begin. Legend says, that Joey rebuilt the town by himself, living with his rabbit slaves. And rumor has it, that town he built, is this one we live in." The Grandfather leans back in his chair, smiling as he finished the story.

"Wait, all of this was true? That's pure crap." The boy scoffed at his Grandfather. The Grandfather laughs, getting up from his chair, walking over to a cage. Opening the cage, he pulls out a rabbit. He sits back in the chair, petting the rabbit. "Oh yes. Believe me, this was very true."


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