After not being sure if GaMe would be able to continue with only two entries for two weeks in a row, we come back strong! A grand total of eight entries! See guys, was that so hard making one? Anyway, thanks for continuing to support GaMe, we really need it. So hopefully we can keep these numbers going? Before continuing to the recap, yes I'm doing my 31/31, but I made a commitment to keep Gamify Me going, so I will continue my hosting duties as normal. So if those following my 31/31 who don't know what this is, there are links at the bottom of the page. Now, King does have a few words to say before the recap.


Well first off I want to say that in last weeks recap DJH stressed to the community that GaMe was beginning to see its darkest days and was surely on its way to being an idea of the past. seems that now that idea is an idea of the past because GaMe came back strong with a lot of entries including a few first timers to boot. I want to thank everybody who participated this week, you really helped save something that has become dear to me. I'm glad me and DJH don't have to put her to rest just yet. Thanks again!


The recap!


Overthrowing the King by The Great Cubone

King says-Well I will come out and say I am not a fan of the Zelda series, but I know who Ganandorf is, and he's interpreted very well in this tale of his mutiny against the King of Hyrule. Cubone did a great job of establishing Ganandorf as a trusting aid to the king at first (which in all honesty had me lost at first) but then the real villain comes out with his true intentions. All though I put up a fight I ultimately meet my demise at the hands of the well known tri-force......killing me it!

DJH says- Like King, not the biggest fan of Zelda. But this was easy to follow. Establishing the enemy from the series as an 'ally', I could see the betrayal coming. Ending it with Kings demise (Another bites the dust).


The Conspiracy Of A Great Monarch by BRAVO F1VE

King says-This was Bravo's first entry into the series....and a darn good one at that! He went with a classic favorite of mine- Mario, and made me the best character of all.....Bowser. The tale follows that moment when Mario powers through my castle for the final know, the bridge. Bravo breaks the 4th wall in a few hilarious ways, such as respawning back into action. Once again I meet my demise in a familiar way. The story also ends on a fact that we all know is true......

DJH says-Everyone loves Mario! And everyone loves being made into Bowser! That alone made this entry one of my personal favorites.


The Lost Artifact by Mike

King says-Another first entry for the series, Mike puts me in the shoes of an assassin following in the ways of a missing Ezio. I loved the dialogue included through out the story between my partner and our contacts- played by none other then Mario and Luigi. The dialogue moves the story along in a very satisfying way and seems like words that might actually transpire in a real life situation. Finally I get to do some killing-in turn obtaining a powerful staff. Eventually I go onto greatness known as the king595.

DJH says- This story is packed with several video game references. He does a good job with the flow of the story, and the dialogue is great. Hopefully, as the ending suggests, there will be a part two.


A Post Apocalyptic Love Story (Part 1) by Drym Shyuan

King says-This GaMe is jam packed with most of the games included in my favorites section of my profile. In turn reading it was almost like a game in itself trying to pick out all the references present. Set in the background of a world overrun with all sorts of nasty beasties it is part survival horror and blossoms into an almost supernatural feeling of a higher power involving two "lovebirds". I'm patiently awaiting the next part to answer some of my unanswered questions.

DJH says-.... Where's part two? I-I-I-I want to hear the rest.... *sobs*


The Undercity by DJH

King says-Since I am actually currently playing KOTOR and had actually just finished Taris the thought of the Undercity was fresh in my mind. I am a mysterious stranger at first who happens to wander into a missing persons case. Offering my help, a few of us take on the Rakgouls in our desperate search. I particularly enjoyed the brutality DJH brought to this tale, I mean Rakgouls are beasts.....they should act like it. Top it all off  with a surprising twist and you have your self a seedy tale in the Star Wars universe.

DJH says- Is this guy still here? Why is he still here? GO AWAY!


Predator and Prey by tboner815

King says-Yet again another first entry for the GaMe series, and also written by a personal friend of mine. This tale takes the setting of Red Dead Redemption and tells a tale of a 2 men desperately fleeing a bounty hunter- me. The details are what shines in this story. As you read it your aware of what's going on, and exactly what each character is feeling/thinking as the situation transpires. Blood is spilled and the hunt takes to the plains of Mexico......part 2?

DJH says- Like what King said, the details is what made this GaMe perfect. There was only one line of dialogue in the entirety. But he described the situation, and how the characters emotions were flowing perfectly. Looking forward to the inevidatble part two.



A King Found by dadarkheart

King says-This is a great entry for the fact that the author plays into a previous entry written by myself for him.....confused? Sorry. Placed into Raccoon City with the sole purpose to eradicate the virus, I find myself paired with Officer Heart, who previous readers (may) know, has encountered the virus first hand and bares a tiny scratch from his recent scrap. Unaware of his fate , but known to me I set out to absolve the problem, but whether or not I actually do, still remains up in the air. I loved that this was a continuation of another users story, seeing creativity of that magnitude in the GaMe makes me all warm inside.

DJH says- Upon first reading this, I had no clue this was a continuation of the GaMe King did for dadarkheart. After that initializing shock, the story came together nicely. By the end Hearts character falls, leaving King by himself. Looking forward to a part two.



Tales of an Annoying Quest-Giver by KillerRabbitsFTW

King says-Also another first entry, this story was full of humor that sparked on a very personal level with me. I play the part of the X-King who is nothing more then a glorified quest-giver. The story focuses on my manipulation of the horseman War as he carries out my matter how wasteful it seems. As I said before this story was very funny to me  (I laughed out a whole lot) I feel the need to give a nod toward the Commander Shepard thing in particular....pretty much sums up me and Mass Effect. Also....the CSI reference was effing gold. Totally a blast to read, this story hit home for me.

DJH says- A bit on the lengthy side, Killerrabbits does a great job adding the humor to this week. despite the Mass Effect hate here, this was a good entry.




The Winner






Seems redundant considering I was just praising him a few seconds (reading time) ago. What can I say....this was my favorite of the week. there were so many instances in this tale that were complete references to me on a personal level. Not sure if it was your intention, or if I am just in love with myself, but this story had me in a smile all the way through. Also it was very amusing to see the situations unfold between the King and the other random video game characters......and Snake....tugging my heart strings.

So congratulations Killer, an amazing GaMe grants you the title of winner......and next in line at the chopping block. Muahhahahahahahahahahaha!


Congrats to KillerRabbits! For those of you want to participate, you can find his profile here. Now guys I fully expect to see GaMe's about killers, rabbits, or killer rabbits. K?


As for you King, go ahead and put this on your profile. Ya earned it.


Honorable Mention

In one installment of GaMe, EE did an honorable mention. Well since then, I've been wanting to do an honorable mention. But seeing how we had hardly any entries the past few weeks, let it go. But I'm bringing it back with out huge number of participants. This weeks honorable mention is BRAV0 F1VE. Making King Bowser, the known affair between him and Peach (and their kids :O), and the respawning system I never thought I would see in a GaMe.


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