Taris. The grimy ruins of the Undercity lay infected by the Rakghoul disease. The lucky few people not infected by the disease take refuge in their poorly fortified settlements. The houses mad up of wreckage of crashed ships. People surrounding barrels of fire.

Two children play catch on the outskirts of the settlement. One of the boys throws the ball too high, flying over the others head, landing near the fence. "You threw that too high!" The child yelled at the other. The child rolls his eyes and starts running to grab the ball. Once he reaches the fence, he bends down to grab the ball. He stops moving just before he grabs the ball after hearing growling somewhere near him. He leans against the fence to see where the growling was coming from. A rakghoul slams on the fence trying to grab the child. He screams, falling down to the ground. The rakghouls claws at the fence, slowly tearing it open.

A man steps out of the shadows, shooting at the Rakghoul with a blaster. After a few well placed shots, the beast slums to the ground, dead. The figure walks up to it, slamming his foot into it's skull to make sure. The child looks at the figure in fear. He grabs the ball and runs back to the settlement, screaming. The figure raises his arms confused. "You're welcome!?" He yelled at the child. Shrugging it off, he walks towards the town gate.

Just before he reaches the gate, it lowers, with four people walking out of it. "I'm telling you we need Dr. Waggner. He's the only person who was willing to do this. We must find him!" The human woman in the group told the others. Upon seeing the figure, the group readies their weapons. "Who are you?" One of the guys asked, pointing his vibroblade at the figure. "I'm King. I just wander alone down here." King replied. He looks over the group, noticing they are too well dressed to be the residents of the undercity. "What about you? You certainly don't belong down here." The woman walks in front of the group. "I'm Karen. That's Chris, Bill and Fisher. Our employer, Dr Waggner, went missing along with his assistant a few days ago. We need to him. Do you by any chance know where he is?" Karen told King. He starts walking towards a building with the remnants of  a ship sticking out of the top. He waves at the to come on.

The door to a building falls off the hinges, crashing down onto the ground. King and the group walks through, looking around the barren room. Kings points towards a stairway. I saw a man and a woman head down there a few days back. Maybe they were your guys?" He told them. The white Twilek Fisher walked up to the stairs, kneeling down to inspect the blood on the rails. "This is blood." She told them. Bill falls to the ground screaming as a Rakghoul starts biting into his leg. Two more Rakghouls emerge from the doorway, jumping onto him. The rest of the group runs down the stairs, leaving Bill as more Rakghouls begin shredding into his skin.

As the group reaches the bottom of the stairs, they emerge into the sewers. A woman runs up to a gate next to them, screaming as Rakghouls run around the corner behind her. "Help me!" she yelled, reaching her arm through the gate. "Terry! Quick, get this gate down!" Karen yelled, grabbing Terry's arm. Terry screams as the Rakghouls pull her back, ripping through her body. Fisher grabs Karen, pulling her down the hall to escape.

They make their way across a narrow bridge, rakghouls following behind. The Rakghouls begin to attack the support beams below, as the group reaches the halfway point. "They're going to drop the bridge, run!" King yelled as he led the group. Chris stumble as the bridge shakes. The Rakghouls grab him, dragging him back.

Fisher stops, watching as the Rakghould drags him into darkness. The Rakghouls below break the support beams, bringing half the bridge down. As the bridge collapses, Fisher barely manages to grab the ledge to the remainder of the bridge. She screams in pain as a Rakghoul clings onto her leg. King runs back, grabbing onto her arm, attempting to pull her back up. She slips from his grasp, screaming as she plummeted to the ground. King's face cringes as he hears her body hit the ground. Karen walks up to him, holding his shoulder. "We need to go. We can't stay here" She told him.

He watches the ground as Rakghouls feast on Fishers body. He rises from his kneeling position, and stares into Karen's eyes. He puts his hand onto her face, staring into her eyes. "No." He said, as he thrusted her into the pit. He watches as she hits the ground, blood spraying in each direction. Growing a quirky smile on his face, he walks towards the metal door at the end of the bridge.

The door opens into a laboratory, with Dr. Waggner working on a computer. "What took you so long?" Waggner asked. "I ran into your associates." King replied, grabbing a holopad off a desk. "Oh. Them. Where are they?" Waggner asked, raising from his seat, walking over to a cage with a Rakghoul inside. "What do you think?" King cockily replied. "Yeah, that's your style alright. Find me more subjects to turn, will you?" King leans over his desk, staring at the Dr. angrily. He rolls his eyes, walking out the door, fulfilling the request.


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