Welcome ladies and gents. Allow me to tell you an unfathomable story about a very, very naughty teddy bear, while narrating in an annoyingly fake British accent. Our story begins when Naughty decides to go on vacation, leaving the surviving resident alone. They decide to throw, yet another party. And they invite every bear, still alive, to it! Or so they thought...

The poor bear Darkheart, or dadarkheart as the other teddy bears called him, mainly because they can't talk right and stutter his name, pissing him off to no end, just sits alone in his house. He watches out the window, watching all these other bears head on their merry way to the party. He decides to go ahead and join the party, even though he wasn't invited.

As our hero arrives at the party, he waves at his fellow bears, offering a cake for the party! Now wasn't that nice of him bringing a cake? Anyway. The bears just laugh at him, grabbing the cake and shoving it in his face. As it falls off his face, going splat on the ground, he walks away pouting. Whilst walking back to his house, saddened at the meanness of the other bears, he gets a brilliant idea form his one true friend that left for vacation. He decides to kill the other bears!

Darkheart creeps his way back to the party, watching as the other bears have their fun. Our hero sneaks around the house and watches a lone bear warming his hands against a fire pit. Darkheart gets a very naughty smile on his furry face as he slowly creeps up on the lone bear.  Darkheart pushes the bear onto the fire, watching it burn on the fire, screaming in pain.

Darkheart returns to the house and makes his way towards the fuse box, and switches the electricity off in the house, making the bears inside scream as the lights go off. Darkheart retreats to the bushes as one of the bears makes his way towards the fuse box. Once the bear starts investigating the tampered fuse box, Darkhearts comes out of hiding, pushing the bear into the box, electrocuting the poor bear! Darkheart makes his way into the house as the bears start to panic.


He sneaks into the kitchen through the window, preying on an expecting bear looking for food in the fridge. He pushes the bear into the fridge, holding the door shut for a few minutes. He opens the door to let the bear out, who slides out as a giant ice cube.


Darkheart walks into the living room where other expecting bears reside. He starts attacking one of the bears with his baseball bat! As he keeps swinging, fluff flies in the air, causing the other bear to fun outside in fear!


Darkheart follow the bear outside, chasing him through the woods. Darkheart roars in the darkness, scaring the terrified bear. The bear stands in the middle of the woods, crying in fear. Darkheart walks up to the bear, roaring right behind it. Darkheart hands it the baseball bat, and just smiles creepily at the bear. The bear starts whacking itself over the head with the bat, until it falls over dead. Our hero starts laughing maniacally at the sight!


After realizing he had killed all the bears, Darkheart made his way home. He sat in his chair, and looked out the window, watching as the sun rises. He smiles, proud of the naughtiness he had caused.


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