Well. This was the least busy week for GaMe I've ever seen. With a grand total of two entries. But despite that, GaMe got a great addition. With many thanks to xking595x, he created The GaMe Archive group. If you missed his announcement blog, you should be ashamed! Just kidding. But check out his announcement blog for more details. The group really shows off how far GaMe has gotten the past few months. So when you have time check out the blog, then join the group. Now, the recap.


The End of an Era by dadarkheart

Jolt says-Just when I thought I would get no entries, this one popped up. Everyone who knows me knows that I love the Dynasty Warriors franchise. He took advantage of that, placing me into the series as a cunning and deceptive a-hole. I'd say dadarkheart knew his audience. There were some hiccups along the way, but thats me being a nitpicky guy. I can't help it when it comes to Dynasty Warriors. All in all, a solid entry. I even got to kill Liu Shan and Jiang Wei's punk@$$ selves. Good times.


The Subway Job by DJH

Jolt says-A perfect example of quality over quantity. This entry was on the shorter side, but it kept me reading throughout. It was nice to see RAGE pop up, seeing as how it was one of my favorite games I have played this year (ending not withstanding). I enjoy open-ended stories, and this one left me wondering what was going to happen after DJH ended the story.





The Winner




This is NOT because he did a Dynasty Warriors GaMe. While I enjoyed being placed in the series, the reason for this win is because the story was unique. I had fun reading it, and at a few points, I said "Huzzah!" to which my wife said "You are such a kid." Some spots were historically inaccurate, but these things are not known for their strict game adaptations. It also didn't hurt that I got to kill some of history's hero's, and live at the end. It turns out I like to not die.

As for GaMe in general, this will probably be my last participation; I haven't decided yet. Each time I win, the number of entries decreases, and it would suck to have only one (or none) entry to judge. I think that the series needs new people winning and participating to stay awesome. I mean... there were over 10 entries just two weeks ago. That can and should be a normal thing.


Well you heard the man. dadarkheart, congrats on winning! Everyone participating(PLEASE!) you can find his profile here


Jolt, go ahead and pop another on your profile



Got your attention? Well, onto the problem Jolts in. Now I agree with him on this. So I have a solution. Now lets say if you've won before, but want to submit a GaMe to keep the numbers flowing, but do not wish to be chosen as a winner so you can give someone else a shot at being gamified, at the end of your GaMe blog just put that you DO NOT wish to be chosen as winner. You are just doing it to keep things going. That way we can keep the number of entries at a steady pace, while giving newcomers a chance to be gamified. So if you've won before, just put you do not wish to be gamified again at the end of your blog. It's that simple.

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As always, Take care