So this week became another slow week. After the record breaking 10th week we go to a slow pace. And a late entry. But we still had some great entries nonetheless. Onto the recap, eh?


A late entry from Senshuro

...How do I do this? I never even thought of getting words from Stranger. But it's still a GaMe that should be showcased. Good job dude. Hopefully we can get another from you. (Maybe on time?) But good job.



The Road by DJH

DMW says-The random happenstances of my survival against bandit attacks was entertaining... Next time I play through an Elder Scrolls game, I'll remember to increase my Luck a lot, I may need it to un-jinx myself. A wanderer... Very humorous tale, it sounds like a short story you'd read in a TES game!


Loz:DMW's Awakening by dadarkheart

DMW says-Killing me off seems like a fitting end for a name like mine... I like how you played off my background as a Link-wannabe. I actually enjoy gardening and growing plants, though, so you're not too far off on that one! My untimely end is somewhat depressing, but I enjoyed the quixotic feel to it.


Dead Man Walking by Jolt the Cynic

DMW says-I enjoy zombie stories, even though I'm not a huge horror fan. I love the Wild West setting, you did a good job on it. It felt a lot like RDR(ARGH! Can't wait to play Undead Nightmare). Really awesome game there, one of my favorites of this gen. Your perspective was highly intriguing... I couldn't help but find myself wrapped into it.


"The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday...." by xking595x

DMW says- You took one of my favorite game series and wrapped it into a text form. It reminded me somewhat of the Halo books, where they discuss events on Reach... Brownie points for making me an epic-ly skilled character!



The Winner



Jolt the Cynic

I found myself entranced in this tale of a zombie just searching for a meal... I feel like Jolt beautifully(and despairingly) captured the essence of the apocalypse circa 1880. A very interesting time period, and an awesome reference to an amazing game, I would read this several times over... In fact, I may do that. Seriously, though... You have a way with words. Great job, dude.



....Um. Jolt won. Again. So congrats to Jolt. for winning. A third time. Not judging. Just shocked. So people, you can find Jolt's profile here. Have fun.


As for you DeadManWalking you can now put this badge on your profile. You earned it.


An announcement

I would like to give you guys a heads up that a GaMe group is currently being made. Well trying to be made. Not sure when it will actually be active, but hopefully soon. Once it's up we'll let you guys know.


What GaMe is here for those confused.


Take care