Skyrim. On the roads north of Riften, a lone wanderer walks down the path studying his map. He stops and looks up from the map and studies his surroundings. He sighs and goes back to the map, continuing to walk forward.

A group of bandits stand at the edge of a cliff, looking at the wanderer. "Who's the target boss?" the Kajiit bandit asked, anxious for a kill. The Dunmer leader pointed at the wanderer. "That dead man walking." The leader points to the young Breton in the group. "Newcomer, you strike first." The leader told the youngling. "A-are you sure?" he asked scared out of his mind. The leader just leers at him. the Breton shakes his head, and descends down the hill.

The wanderer keeps walking down the road, still focused on the map. The Breton slowly creeps up in the bushes, holding his battle ax, ready to strike. He runs out of the bushes, starting to swing the ax at the wanderer. The wanderer stops and looks at the bottle he kicked, and kneels down to pick it up. The Breton swings his ax, missing the wanderer, and falls into the bushes on the other side. The Wanderer stand up with the bottle in hand, and sticks it into his pack, continuing on his way. The Breton rises up from behind the bushes, bewildered that he misses. He starts picking leaves and twigs off of himself, but stops after hearing a noise behind him. His face fills with fear after seeing the bear behind him. The Wanderer stops and looks behind him after hearing screams. He shrugs it off and continues on.

The bandits continue to follow the Wanderer as he makes his way through the woods. A small wood elf positions himself at a split in the road, while a high elf readies her bow behind the wanderer. The Wanderer stops and looks at the split, and ponders which way he should go. The wood elf runs towards the wanderer, blades in hand, while the female elf fires her arrow. The Wanderer starts walking to the left, causing the wood elf to run directly into the arrow. The high elf shrieks as the arrow strikes the other bandit in the head, falling down to the ground. "Crap!" She yells, walking down the road, hanging her head in shame.

The Wanderer makes his way through an ancient ruin, heading for the entrance to the ruins. The bandits stop at the front of the ruins and watches the wanderer walk into the entrance. "We go in. Redguard and Nord stay out here, keep watch." The leader told his group. The others follow him into the ruins, while the Redguard and Nord stay at the front. The Redguard taps his buddies shoulder and points to the statue on the top of the entrance. "Hey, look at that statue. It looks like a dragon to you too, right?" He asked, just staring at the statue. The nord shakes his head. "Looks way too fake." He said, pacing back and forth. The Redguard rolls his eyes, and focuses back on the statue. His eyes open wide in fear after seeing that it's not there any more. The dragon lands on the ground behind them, sending them flying in the opposite direction. They scream as the dragon breathes fire at them.

The Wanderer continues through the halls of the ancient Dwemer ruins, just staring at his map. The Kajiit bandit follows closely behind him, staying in the shadows. The Wanderer goes down an incline, staying to the side of the walls. The Kajiit walks down it after the Wanderer entered the next room. A spinning blade emerges from the center, slicing the Kajitt in two as he neared the end. The bandit group watches this from behind, horrified at the contraption.

The Wanderer emerges from a hole, leading into a cave. He continues down the path, delving further into the cavern. The bandit group runs through the hole, running from dwarven spiders, shooting electricity at the bandits. The Argonian falls dead from the electricity, while the others keep running in fear.

The bandits continue running through the cavern, trying to catch up to the wanderer. The Orc pulls a string with his leg, causing a Falmer trap to impale him. The other watch horrified as the contraption slowly descends back to the ground. The bandits slowly walk around their dead friend and the contraption he is attached to. The high elf stays behind, still horrified at the incident. She slowly looks up at the hole in the wall after hearing a noise. The other bandits jump after hearing her scream.

The Wanderer wlaks through another hole in the wall, leading back to the dwemer ruin. The bandits run and scream in fear whilt being chased by Falmer. The leader runs through the hole, while the Imperial trips, causing the falmer to swarm him.

The leader continues running as the Wanderer activates the lift to reach the surface. He stops as he watches the lift ascends to the surface. He falls to his knees, chocked to see his mark escape. He sighs and shakes his head in shame. "Could this get any worse?" He yelled in anger. His eyes widen in fear as the ground starts to shake. "Crap"

The Wanderer emerges from the lift at the top of the mountain. He looks over his map to see the sight of Skyrim. He looks back at his map, then again at Skyrim. "And they said the road would
be dangerous." He said with a smile on his face.


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