Can you believe we are at week 10 now? Well it hasn't been 10 weeks straight because of some issues and delays, but it's at week 10 now. And we had the highest number of participants! A grand total of eleven! I wish EE was still around to see this, because he would enjoy seeing how popular it's gotten. So best wishes to him so he can come back at some point. Anyway, onto the recap!


Chrono Stranger by dadarkheart

Stranger says- I found the first GaMe I got quite funny, as dadarkheart worked in my penchant for using elipsis, as well as one of my favorite games. One of those lighthearted GaMe's that ends up being well worth the try.


The Flames Of Apathy by Light Gamebeast23456

Stranger says- Gamebeast put me into a gritty, dark tale in the slimiest parts of Liberty City and makes me a psychopathic murderer. One of the most brutal GaMe's I've ever read, but it ends up working really well.


The stranger Of Cheydinhal by DeadManWalking

Stranger says- Deamer took my favorite game of all time, with a plethora of details about my own playthrough, and weaved them together with a fantastically written story combining great dialogue with vivid description. By the time I finished I had chills going up my spine. Simply magnificent.


Escape by blaze6106

Stranger says- Blaze crafted a tragic tale of repayment of old debts written in a what-if scenario after the events of Bastion. Mixing wistful dialogue with a story of relief turning to desperation and horror made this one to remember.


A Date With Death by Ghost


Stranger says- A pretty straightforward retelling of the events at the beginning of Skyrim, Ghost nevertheless wrote this with a fine attention to detail.


Watching by GoldvsSilver

Stranger says- GvS made a bold move when he chose the game to put me in by, instead of going for a preexisting favorite of mine, he instead opted for a future release I'm looking forward to. It paid off dividends, as I became enamored with the creative uses of gadgets my character did. A great read.


A Legend Of The Waste Is Born by AshaMan3000

Stranger says- A story set in the Capitol Wasteland of Fallout, Ashaman does a good job of creating a tense standoff between a fresh-out-of-the-metal-prison vault dweller and a stranger of the waste, ending up with him taking the name of Stranger after defeating his first enemy in the outside world. Another interesting read.


Vault 87 by DJH

Stranger says- A rather engrossing story that blends the setting of Fallout with ideas of Bioshock and quite a few references to things I like, the blog draws me in and keeps me reading until the very end, with a great revelation as to where a certain perk comes from.


"See Ya Round The Table Partner..." by xking595x

Stranger says- While not the most familiar with RDR, I nevertheless can appreciate the writing, the paranoia surrounding the card game, and the very essence of poker. And on these fronts King does a great job, as he moves the story into a culmination of a battle between me and Saint.


I Have No Idea What's Going On by Jolt the Cynic

Stranger says- By the end of this blog, I had already laughed several times and probably had a big grin on my face. This blog was absolutely hilarious, as Jolt displays a great sense of humor conveyed through the medium of writing. My favorite part was when I steered clear of the mountains where people were shooting arrows into other people's knees. One of my highlights of the week.


The Awakening Of Darkness by Drym Shyuan

Stranger says- Drym crafted a truly great tale set in Tamriel that speaks of the darkness three brothers have awoken and the messenger the Nine Divines that is sent to stop it. From beginning to end, I sat transfixed at the computer screen, hungry for more. Drym has a masterful talent at penning stories.








DeadManWalking knows me better than anyone else who wrote for this week's GaMe, and it really showed. From the innate details of my stealth-using Khajiit in my favorite game of all time to my philosophy of the spiral Deamer created something that made me stop and think in a moment of serenity. Of course, that can't be backed up without the writing chops to match, and Deamer weaved a tale worthy of writers such as Robert Jordan filled with an innate attention to detail and superb dialogue in the short space he had available. There was not one GaMe I found anything less than enjoyable, but Deamer's takes the cake as my favorite, and just plain one of my favorite blogs I've ever read on GIO period.


So congrats to DeadManWalking! Those of you who wish to gamify him can find his profile here. Oh, and for those writing, make sure to put Week # 11 on the blog.


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