Another great week for GaMe blogs. Even after Nine weeks Gamify me is still going strong. We got the usual crowd back and still doing great, and we got a newcomer, and a returning fellow. So onto the recap, shall we?

The Joke(r)'s On Ben by Stranger


Ben says- Stranger pits me in Batman’s world and gives me a new friend I’m not sure I’d really want to have. Stranger does a good job with the dialogue, as I can hear the voice of Joker and Batman in my head. The ending is something that left me with something sure will have a plot twist, should Stranger make a sequel to this.


Ben Goes On a Holiday by Drym Shyuan


Ben says- Drym’s first foray into Gamify Me is an excellent start. He spices up my life by transporting me to the Ringworld, which is home to many video game worlds. This one had me smiling throughout the entire story, what with all my favorite games (excluding Kingdom Hearts) being in here. 


The Keyblade by DJH


Ben says- DJH used my favorite video game series ever. I got to wield a Keyblade! It’s a quick adventure full of planet-travelling and meeting of Disney characters. 

Silent Killer by GoldvsSilver


Ben says- GvS tells a story about how awesome I am at being a sneaky spy. I was able to get a feel of how the Goldeneye (I think that’s what game it’s from) games played, even though I haven’t played any in that particular series. It even has a cameo of our good friend Stranger inside, so take a look at the first ever two-page GaMe.


Wellspring Invasion by Jolt the Cynic


Ben says- Jolt has made yet another great GaMe, this time in the world of Rage (it just so happens to be all the he is “Raging” about *chirp chirp*). I got to unload a bunch of assault rifle ammo (which I like to do in games) and fight a big hulking mutant. I like how this felt like Rage. 


The Errand by xking595x


Ben says-: xking has envisioned me as a young boy in Rome. And who should I stumble upon? None other than the great Ezio Auditore da Firenze. King really got the feel of Assassin’s Creed and the combat. 


First of all, I really want to thank you all for this. It was truly an honor for this to happen (not trying to sound arrogant or anything, please take it as a compliment). I never even thought I would be doing blogs, much less short stories. So thank you all for that.






Now for the winner. I am proud to present your new winner Stranger. Stranger made a very original piece that I truly enjoyed. There was a very heavy feeling of hopelessness and a touch of insanity. I’m sure he was a tad insane when he wrote this. Anyway, congratulations to everyone and I can’t wait to see what everyone has to write next week!


So congrats to Stranger! You guys can find his profile here. Be nice. Maybe.


As for you Ben you can now put this badge on your profile. You earned it.

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Take care guys