Traverse Town. The heartless threat still looming over the worlds. The young local street kid, Ben, walks through the empty alley. He panics as heartless suddenly appear in front of him. His hero, Sora, comes running out of nowhere, striking at the heartless. They disappear as easily as they appeared. Ben jumps back as a heartless strikes Sora, sending him flying. The heartless grab Sora and disappear. Ben just stares, bewildered at what happened. He then looks down at his feet where the keyblade is laying. He picks up the keyblade, looking it over. Ben then disappears.

Ben looks around, confused at what happened. He quickly realizes he's in Agrabah. "Oh, this is awesome!" en shouted, raising the keyblade high in the air. He looks over they keyblade again, realizing it changed it's shape. "Help me!" Sora yelled, being entrapped inside a Prison Keeper heartless. Ben quickly jumps into action by attacking the towering beast. "It's not working!" Ben yelled, realizing he wasn't hurting the thing. "Just keep try" Sora tried to say before disappearing again. The keyblade starts to shake in Ben's hands. "Oh no, not again!"

Ben appears in the form of a Lion. "The Pride Land!" Ben mumble excitedly with the keyblade in his mouth. Ben quickly sprinted towards the heartless, jumping from one rock formation, to the other. He swiftly swung the keyblade at it, causing it to come crashing down to the ground in pain. More heartless start to appear, blocking Ben from Sora. He starts backing away from the horde of heartless swarming him. All the heartless start to scatter after hearing Simba's roar. Simba jumps down to the area they are at, destroying the heartless. "Thank you." Ben told Simba. "No problem. What happened to your friend?" Simba asked. Ben looks over to where Sora and the Prison Keeper were gone. "Here we go again." Ben said as they Keyblade began to shake.

Ben jumps back in fear after he appeared in front of a graveyard headstone. He looks around, seeing nothing but graves and a giant hill. "Help me!" Sora yelled form the distance. The Prison Keeper tries to get up from the ground, but is interrupted as Ben strikes it. Ben jumps back as fireballs start to strike it. "Don't worry, I'll help!" Jack Skellington said, continuing to fire at it. The Prison Keeper screams in pain as it disappears, freeing Sora. Ben and Jack head over to see if he's alright. "Thank you. I though I was done for." Sora said, relieved to be released. Ben freaks out as they Keyblade starts shaking again. "But I'm here with you! Where am I going now!?" Ben yelled, worried. Both Ben and Sora disappear in a ball of light.

They appear in the Gummi ship, flaoting aorund nowhere. "Whoa! Where are we?" Ben asked excited. He starts looking around after hearing a noise. "Not again!" Sora yelled after seeing Monstro head straight for them.


Sorry for the rushed quality, I've been scurrying with projects lately and was worried if I didn't take the opportunity tonight to write one I would not be able to participate. Hope you enjoyed.

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