So after a slow week the other week GaMe wise, we come back with a grand total of six GaMe blogs. We got the seasonal veterans come back, some some great entries from newcomers.Now I will say GVS instead of typing out his whole name. It's shorter and easier. So here's the recap.


Gold vs Silver by DJH

GVS says-Immediately, the foundation was laid for the interesting concept to separate my alias into two individual personalities, set in the hostile world of Skyrim. There was dialogue to flesh out the characters, and I liked how we were given the idea of the time period based on the characters' holed-grammar. If I was in Skyrim, I would certainly want to be Gold.


My Days On Earth by Dawson Wyckoff

 GVS says-Dawson took the information that I had written on my Xbox profile, and managed to wrap it up into a series of journal entries that describe my life on Earth after getting used to being on Mars. I really liked the style, first and foremost. I haven't seen many people who have tried journal entries... But it provides the ability to write a narrative that sweeps over a lot of time, thus getting to the important points that he wrote.


The Yellow Turban Rebellion by Jolt

GVS Says-While I'm not one for ancient Asian lore, I can identify a well-written story when I see one. Perhaps the most interesting part was to see how the concept of an entire enemy front was detailed. Oh, and Jolt used my real name, which was pretty cool. Helped for the immersion.


The Farewell by dadarkheart

GVS says-Dadarkhearr's post was admittedly, a vague one going in. I didn't know what to think of the setting, except for that it was extremely somber in its delivery (that's a good thing). However, with the hint of a round object on Gold's grave (Part of me died D:), I knew it was a Pokeball. Hundreds of hours was enough for me to get that, and it was delivered well.


The Most Epic Battle That You Will Ever Know by Sora3Ben

GVS says-I have a certain affection for the use of the Fourth Wall. And yes, the tournament that Gold and Silver are forced to go through is indeed, "The Most Epic Battle You Will Ever Know". A mix of some good game settings, out-of-the-box story-telling, and a touch of humor made this an enjoyable thing to read.


"Lead The Way" by xking595x

GVS says-I like Halo. I like it a lot. Seeing this, Xking naturally decided to use Halo as a setting, and does a pretty darn good job at it. I had noted, that a lot of the time it's hard to really capture the feeling of a fight, but he pulls it off well - drama and all. It's a good piece of work.


A few words by GVS

First off, I would like to say that it's a huge honor to have participated in the GaMe events. The fact that I was chosen, and had several people write stories based off of me, is something that's pretty special in its own right. Thank you to everybody.


The Winner






The winner for this week is Sora3Ben's post, "The Most Epic Battle You Will Ever Know". Yes, he's a really good friend of mine, but the post was also a very fun and interesting read to go through on multiple levels. If you haven't seen it, go check it out soon; It features fourth-wall breaking, humor, an interesting take on the concept of Gold, Silver, etc.

For everybody, I would like to say that I truly appreciate it all! All of the stories were very good - There's no doubt about that. Original pieces that I haven't read anywhere else. Keep it up guys, as it looks like I'll be joining you all next week.


So congrats to Sora3Ben! Eveyrone you can find his profile here to get to know him to Gamify him.


As for you GVS, put this badge on your profile, you deserve it.


Take care guys.