Midyear, 19 of Tirdas. City of Windhelm. The docks, crawling with the Argonian workers. The brothers Gold and Silver walk out of the Argonian Assemblage. Gold. The golden color scaled Argonian, specialized in magic grabs one end of a long wooden plank. While Silver, the silver color scaled Argonian, specialized in sneaking an lockpicking, picked up the other end.

They walked onto one of the docked ships, laying the wooden plank onto the ship. "Gold. Lets just leave. I tire of this place and humans." Silver told Gold. "Silver. What will we do? How would we survive?" Gold answered worriedly. "We go. We do what needs done. Live on our rules." Gold looks over to the city, and looks at his fellow dock workers. "Just us. No them." Silver added. Gold looks at Silver. "We go. Now."

The two brothers jumped into the icy water and swim away from the city. A few hours pass of them swimming in the water. They emerge from the water and walk ashore the rocky beach. "We set up camp. Dark soon." Gold told Silver. Silver looks over to a cave nearby. Silver looks over to Gold. He shakes his head yes and they start heading towards the cave.


The brothers walk into the cave, looking deeper into the blackness of the cave, hearing the sound of the wind and the dripping of water. Gold quickly lights the cave with Magelight. Gold readies his magic and Silver unsheathes his sword while delving deeper into the cave.

The brothers stop in front of a wooden door, light shining from under it. They look at each other, worriedly. "Lets go in." Silver said, starting to go to the door. Gold grabs his arm. 'You crazy? anything could be there." Silver shrugs off Gold and opens the door. It reveals a well furnished and lit dungeon. They both look at each other confused. "Nobody home?" Silver asked. Gold starts to walk further, but falls trough a trap door in the floor.

Gold slowly opens his eyes, realizing he's in a cage. He also notices three figures in the distance. One of them starts walking towards him. He quickly realizes it's Silver. "S-Silver?" Gold asked, scared. He knows something is wrong with him after seeing the discoloration of Silvers scales. He also notices the paleness of the other people. He realizes they are vampires. "Silver, no."

Silver turns around and heads back to the other people. "Turn him." Silver told one of the men. Silver and the other head up the stairs, exiting the dungeon. The remaining vampire grabs the key to the cage and walks to Gold cage. "Stay back!" He yelled to the vampire. "I say, stay back!" He yelled again. Gold started using fire as the vampire approached the cage. He kept shooting fire at the vampire to keep it away. It finally fell to it's knees and disintegrated into a pile of ash. Gold backed up to the wall in shock of what he had done. He quickly shakes it off and grabs the cage key out of the ash, setting himself free.

"He's still my brother. But only if he is one with us." Silver told the other vampire. "No offense, but you Argonians don't take too kindly to vampirism. You generally don't...accept it as you should." The other vampire told silver, worriedly. "I took it fine, so will he!" Silver yelled ot the other vampire. A fireball hits the vampire, sending him flying across the room.

"Gold. You look well? What's the meaning of this?!" Silver asked Gold, furiated. "Vampires, Silver? Is that how low you go since the humans?" Gold asked him confused and infuriated. "It's better this way! No rules! Just us!" Silver tried to explain to him. "The Talos followers will find you. There is no avoiding!" Silver shakes his head in confusion. "Enough! You no join me, you no escape!" Silver yelled lunging towards Gold.

Gold rolls out of the way of Silver. Silver grabs a longsword off of the wall and walks towards Gold. He swings the sword at him, be he quickly retaliates with the lesser ward shield, deflecting the sword. Gold throws a fireball at Silver, trowing him across the room. The previous vampire jumps on him from behind. Gold uses telekinesis on one of the chairs. He send it flying into the vampire. He turns around, setting it ablaze like the previous vampire. It falls to the ground, burning to ash. "Take care brother, I will come for you!" Silver yelled as he ran out the door. Gold quickly tries to follow him, but stops when he realizes Silver is long gone.

The Dragonborn closes the book. He looks at the cover. "Gold vs Silver. Volume One." The Dragonborn takes a long sigh at the book and returns it to the bookshelf.


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