So this week was a bit slow compared to past weeks. Coming in with only three blogs. But that's okay. We had some great entries. Now an announcement. As much as I like the idea of Phase Two for this, how about we do away with that. I don't like putting restrictions like that on people. So how about every week is a free for all. Live, die, whatever you want. That sound good to everyone? Anyway onto the recap.


The Deep Roads Massacre by DJH

Jolt-This entry consisted of all sorts of badassery. It had GIO members, me killing those GIO members, Hanna as a puppy dog, and a fool who trips and falls to his doom. Best of all though, its a continuation of my first week. I like a story to flow, and DJH seperated the two ilnstallments pretty well. I didn't expect to be a darkspawn; I assumed that my demise was pretty much a sure thing once I got Brood'd. It was good to see a story from the bad guys POV.


The White Void by GoldvsSilver

Jolt- I didn't expect this entry, but it was definitely a welcomed one. It's always nice to see new participants. This GaMe was intense and thought provoking. Although I am not completely blind, I can relate to the feeling, as I am legally blind out of my left eye. GvS did an amazing job of capturing the panic and despair that had to be occupying the characters mind. I thought it was cool he picked a game that hasn't been talked about a whole bunch, too. The downside? I am pretty upset that I won't be able to play this surefire Indie hit.


The Cynic Of Whiterun by sorryjzargoJolt-I'm not a fan of TES, but the story portion of this entry was fairly captivating. I continued reading to the end because of his ability to keep me guessing. The ending was probably the most surprising ending of any GaMe ever done. It shouldn't have been, especially considering the author. This was my first experience with teabagging, virtual or otherwise. I haven't lol'd from anything online in a long time, so this was fun.




The Winner




Everyone here knows GvS is an awesome writer, but it doesn't always translate into fiction. It does in his case, however. This GaMe was unlike any other entry I have read since its inception. Most of it probably has to do wit the unique source material, but GvS executed it flawlessly. It was enjoyable to read, and made the reader think. I'm not sure if this was a one-time entry for him, but I really hope GvS continues to participate. He has the skills to win with every entry.


So congrats to GVS on your first entry and win! So everyone still doing this, you can find his profile here


As for you Jolt, you can do this one of two ways. You can put another badge on your profile. Or just do this


Everyone have fun with this!