The infamous Mercenary Jolt and his crew disappeared in the Deep Roads. Not a trace of them found. A group of dwarves are in search of them, whilst hunting the Brood Mother and her Darkspawn. The group consisting of the monk Caudex, the warriors Blaze and King, the archer DJH, and the Mabari Warhound Hannibal. They are searching the last known whereabouts of the missing crew.


Caudex kneels down to inspect the ground covered in fleshy webbing. "By the Maker. What is this stuff?" Blaze starts to cut into the webbing. He pulls his sword out of it, a pus like substance sticking to the sword. "Whatever it is, it has to be darkspawn related." He responded, disgusted at the stuff. Hannibal sniffs around everything. He stops and stares into the shadows. he starts growling. "What is it boy?" DJH asked as he walked up to the dog.


Hidden in the shadows the Brood'd Jolt stays hidden with his darkspawn brothers, waiting for the time to strike. He continues watching the dwarves fumble around blindly. He unsheathes his Diamond Maul, raising his arm, readying the archers to attack. He starts to lower it, but stops after hearing another dwarf.


Breik runs into the room, screaming for dear life. Jolt sneers after seeing his old friend that was supposed to be dead. Breik kneels down to the ground, gasping for air. "Run." he says, barely getting the word out. He takes a deeper breath "Run!"


Caudex walks over to help. "It's Okay. It's okay. What's wrong? Where are the mercenaries?" King scoffs. "Caudex. He is one of the mercenaries." King said, aggravated. "We don't know that for sure." King scoffs again. "Who is actually stupid enough to come down here?" Hannibal barks happily. "Well, I think that answers your question." Blaze responded.


Jolt gives out a war cry, lowering his arm for the archers to start firing. The group of dwarves frantically run, trying to avoid the rain of arrows. Hannibal and Blaze run into one of the corridors, King and Breik run into the corresponding corridor, while DJH and Caudex run from pillar to pillar avoiding getting hit. DJH cries in pain as he takes an arrow to the knee. He unsheathes his bow, pulls out the arrow from his knee, and shoots a hurlock. It falls from the shadows, arrow in between it's eyes.


DJH looks over to Caudex, hiding behind one of the pillars. "Run!" Caudex runs back towards the corridors the others ran into. The dwarf props himself against a pillar, shooting arrow after arrow, hitting as many darkspawn as he can. Jolt jumps from the place he was hiding, running towards DJH. He keeps firing arrows, but Jolt avoids them with ease. DJH covers his head with his arm and screams when Jolt started to swing his Diamond Maul at the dwarf.


King and Briek stop after hearing Caudex shouting from behind them. "Caudex, come on!"King shouted. Breik starts to panic "No, no, no, no we can't be here!" He starts running the opposite direction. King looks behind him after hearing a hissing sound.


Breik and Caudex run into each other, knocking them both down to the ground. They both look at the hallway after hearing King scream. Caudex starts to go that way. "Stop! The spiders have him now. There's nothing we can do except run!" Caudex looks at him, scared. He glances back towards where King was, then walks towards Breik. They both run back to find the others.


Blaze and Hannibal wander around, not knowing what to do. "Guys!" Blaze shouts. Hannibal starts growling. Blaze looks over to see Jolt. He is just standing there, Maul in hand, smiling. Hannibal bolts towards him. Jolt knocks the hound back and runs towards Blaze. He counters Jolt attack quickly, then backs away. Jolt continues to smile, ready for the kill. Hannibal recovers slowly, and starts to limp his way towards Jolt. Jolt quickly smashed the maul into the hound, causing it to cry in pain. Blaze takes the opportunity to try to strike. Jolt quickly avoids the sword, causing Blaze to strike Hannibal by mistake. Blaze stares at what he just did. He looks over in time to see the Maul come right at his head.


Caudex and Breik run back into the room they were first in. Caudex notices the very dead DJH. He starts to run towards him to see if he could help. Jolt jumps out from one of the pillars, striking Caudex. Jolt leers at Breik, ready to strike. Caudex starts coughing up blood. "I'm not dead yet." Jolt looks at him, confused that he was still alive. He lifts his Maul up as high as he could, bringing it down onto Caudex. Jolt turns around just in time to see Breik standing right next to him, sword at throat. Breik cuts before Jolt could move. Jolts head bounces off the floor and into the pit next to him. His body falls in, continuing down into darkness. Breik stares into the hole, relieved the Genlock was gone. As Breik tries to step away, he trips and falls into the hole as well, screaming into nothing.


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